No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2217

Nelson glanced at Jackie in confusion before he spoke, “I wonder what business you have by visiting us here.

Theo sneered coldly, knowing he had said nothing offensive at all. Instead, he looked at Jackie and said,” Junior Brother Jackie, do you know that our Junior Brother Frank has perished?”

Jackie mentally smirked. He initially assumed that they were here for something else, but it seemed that it was only regarding Frank’s death. Jackie thus nodded without hesitation. “I know, and I saw him die with my own eyes, but what does this have to do with me? It wasn’t me who killed him.”

Edric looked like he wanted to say something but immediately stopped himself.

Theo scoffed at this. “You’re wrong. Nobody saw how Junior Brother Frank died, and you were the one nearest to him when it happened. On top of that, you two had bad blood with one another, and no one will believe you if you say that his death had nothing to do with you.”

Jackie’s expression turned cold when he heard what Theo said. What did he mean by that? They were trying to blame this on him! Jackie knew how Frank died as Frank was the one who put himself into all that trouble. Why was Jackie blamed when all he did was make sure Frank got what he wanted?

Jackie sneered and slightly raised his voice in response, “Senior Brother Theo, your remark is quite absurd. What are you trying to say? Are you trying to say that I was the one who killed Frank? Didn’t your clan brothers tell you that I was also surrounded by enemies when Frank died? We were caught in a battle, and you’re saying that I turned around to kill Frank instead of fighting against the Corpse Pavilion’s disciples?”

Theo narrowed his eyes. “My junior brother saw that you ran away and left Frank behind with his own eyes! All the attacks landed on my junior brother, and you survived!”

Jackie was speechless from anger. How could Theo say something like that? Should he have stayed behind and died together with Frank? Everybody wanted to survive! On top of that, he did not know Frank well, and they had grudges. Why should he die together with Frank?

Theo’s words were downright absurd!

He could clearly feel that Theo was here to cause trouble.

Nelson frowned and glanced at Jackie before lowering his voice as he asked, “What’s going on? Are you involved in Frank’s death?”

Jackie exhaled deeply and gave a brief explanation about what happened, and Nelson then turned around to look at Theo with a scowl. Everybody there could see that Theo was here to cause trouble. Based on what happened, Jackie did not make any mistakes.

Frank died because he was too slow in his escape attempt, and this had nothing to do with Jackie!

Although Nelson did not know Jackie well, they were disciples from the same sect. Theo was causing them problems on purpose, and it happened without any reason. “Senior Brother Theo, you’re going too far,” spoke Nelson, his voice audibly stern. “My Junior Brother Jackie is unrelated to Frank; they just happened to be allies for a brief moment.”


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