No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2216

Jackie flat-out ignored Griffin’s gaze, turning and refusing to look at him before walking two steps forward to be at the edge of where the Dual Sovereign Pavilion’s disciples were gathered. He had zero desire to meddle with these people and only wanted to peacefully wait for the Divine Void Slope To be activated. The interlude had cast a gloomy mood among the Dual Sovereign Pavilion’s disciples.

Brook, the best among the formal disciples, glanced at Jackie before he turned and smiled at the others.” What does the sound we hear mean when it says that any of our martial skills that involve true energy will be suppressed?”

The crowd naturally joined the conversation when Brook changed the topic. Griffin’s brother, Howard, remarked, “I think that it’s quite simple. The voice is telling us that once we step on the Divine Void Slope, the martial skill we perform will be suppressed! This means that we’ll face certain resistance when fighting the Divine Void Warrior.”

Nelson chuckled and shook his head. “If that’s the case, he could’ve mentioned that we’ll be suppressed once we climb up the Divine Void Slope. Why did he mention that the martial skills that require the activation of our true energy will be suppressed? It’s plain to see that there’s some hidden agenda in what they’ve said.”

Jackie raised his brows when he heard their discussion. He was even more confident with the idea that appeared in his head. If he was right, the Divine Void Slope was no doubt related to the Divine Void World. Since it was related to the Divine Void World, then he…

As he was thinking about it, Jackie heard footsteps approaching him. He turned around and saw five to six people approaching the gathering spots of the Dual Sovereign Pavilion’s disciples. From the attire of these people, he knew that these people were from the Muddled Origin Clan. All the disciples from the north knew about the issues between the Muddled Origin Clan and Dual Sovereign Pavilion. Even disciples from the south had heard of the bad relationship between both sects.

The surrounding people glared at the disciples from the Muddled Origin Clan when they approached the gathering spot of the Dual Sovereign Pavilion’s disciples. The person standing in front seemed to be one of the leaders. He looked like a handsome young master as he was tall and good-looking. However, he had an extremely serious expression on his face.

Jackie was very familiar with the person standing behind the leader. It was the Muddled Origin Clan’s disciple who allied with him, Edric Law!

Edric seemed to be in bad shape. His right hand was completely bandaged, and he was limping. The left side of his face was swollen, and he was obviously wounded

After Frank died, Jackie had turned to escape. He ran as the masked man chased after him and was unable to pay attention to the others.

Jackie had no idea what Edric and the others faced after he left. However, from the looks of the wounds on Edric’s body, Jackie knew that they were unable to resist the attack and were wounded by the disciples from the Corpse Pavilion.

Edric took a glance at the people from the Dual Sovereign Pavilion before finally looking at Jackie.” There’s Jackie White!” said Edric as he pointed at Jackie.

Jackie frowned and wondered what he meant when he said this. Theo Garfield narrowed his eyes as he sized Jackie up. He then glanced at Nelson and greeted Nelson.

Nelson responded by nodding with a smile on his face. He knew that this person was here with unkind intentions.

After all, it was impossible that the other party was here to greet him as their sect and the Muddled Origin Clan had many issues. On top of that, they did not know each other well. However, he still had to make the necessary introductions.

Nelson chuckled and pointed at the man leading the Muddled Origin Clan’s disciples. “This is the chosen disciple of the Muddled Origin Clan, Theo Garfield.”


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