No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2215

Griffin waved his sleeves. If nobody was standing in front of him, he would have rushed forward to grab Jackie’s collar and slap him twice. “Do you think that I will not take action against you when you’ve gone against me several times?! Even if you’re under Elder Godfrey’s protection, you’re nothing to us, the chosen disciples. I can easily kill you if I wish to do so!”

Griffin spoke while gritting his teeth and it sounded like he was about to swallow Jackie. Jackie chuckled coldly. Griffin was really dumb. How could he say something like that? Killing clan brothers was a serious crime and the offender would be severely punished no matter where this happened. However, Griffin brought this matter up without holding back.

Certainly, Nelson’s facial expression darkened when he heard what Griffin said. He suddenly turned around and spoke fiercely, “Junior Brother Griffin, please pay attention to what you say! How can you mention killing your clan brothers without any restrain!

If there are any disagreements between you and Junior Brother Jackie, you can just talk it out! How can you fight or kill your clan brothers when we’re in the Secret Place for Resources?!”

The upper management of sects encouraged fights between their disciples as the intense fight can improve the disciples’ fighting prowess. However, killing one another outside of the sect was unforgivable!

Griffin seemed to be incredibly afraid of Nelson. The corners of his mouth twitched and he rolled his eyes at Nelson before looking over at Jackie. “Senior Brother Nelson is right but I’m furious with him. This guy has been causing me trouble so I said this in a hurry.”

Jackie raised his eyebrows. This guy was really good at Misrepresenting the facts. He was the one that caused Jackie trouble but he made it sound like Jackie was the one who constantly caused him trouble. If this happened to somebody else, they might not say anything to defend themselves as the matter could b e forgotten soon. However, Jackie was unwilling to put up with it.

He turned around and looked straight at Griffin.” Senior Brother Griffin, you’re wrong as you were the one who constantly caused me trouble. Why do you sound like I was the one causing you trouble? I said nothing when I walked over but you insulted me sarcastically. Is that me causing you trouble? Did I pinch your mouth and make you say what you said? I only refuted you by saying that I feel the same about you and you exploded like a cat whose tail was stepped on!”

All the disciples from the Dual Sovereign Pavilion looked at Jackie in surprise. They had never expected that Jackie would speak so straightforwardly. The people surrounding them immediately looked over a s they were interested in what was happening. It looked like things were not going to end well today. Griffin was so angry that his facial expression darkened while his hands were slightly trembling.” You must be suicidal!”

Jackie sneered. “Senior Brother Griffin, you’re overreacting. I’m never suicidal but I won’t stop anybody if they wish to kill themselves by coming to me!

Nelson frowned and glanced at Jackie helplessly. Unexpectedly, Jackie was not somebody who would let this go easily. He raised his hand to stop Jackie. “The two of you should stop fighting. You’re clan brothers and we’re in a public place. If the two of you refuse to stop, I will report your actions to the head of the sect. By then, you will be the ones to suffer the consequences.”

Griffin stopped speaking when he heard what Nelson said. However, he was so furious by what Jackie had said. Although he had stopped speaking, he glared at Jackie so fiercely as if he wanted to bite a piece of meat off Jackie’s body.


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