No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2214

As the Divine Void Slope was covered by a thin layer of mist, he was unable to identify what the slope was made out of. As his thoughts were focused on this, he heard a clear voice suddenly coming up by his ears.” You must be Junior Brother Jackie?”

Jackie suddenly turned his head around and saw a handsome man dressed in Dual Sovereign Pavilion clothes standing behind him. The man was looking at Jackie with kind eyes. After some self-introduction, Jackie learned that this person was a chosen disciple of the Dual Sovereign Pavilion, Nelson Lester. Nelson looked much stronger than Griffin.

He pointed to a place 100 yards behind him. “All the Dual Sovereign Pavilion disciples are gathering over there. Why don’t you join us there?”

Jackie nodded. As a disciple of the Dual Sovereign Pavilion, he might be bullied by others if he did not join the team. In order to prevent himself from getting into these troubles, he followed Nelson to the gathering spot of the disciples from the Dual Sovereign Pavilion. Nelson was in fourth place among the chosen disciples and was the strongest disciple in the Dual Sovereign Pavilion sent into the Secret Place for Resources. Jackie also asked around for Griffin’s information and learned that Griffin was in ninth place. This meant that he was in the last place among the chosen disciples.

When all the people were brought to the Divine Void Slope by the grayish power, many of them had already entered the Secret Place for Resources for many days. They had already encountered many dangerous situations. The danger included monster beasts and other people. Apart from the Dual Sovereign Pavilion, all the other sects had suffered some losses. However, the disciples of the Dual Sovereign Pavilion were completely intact and none of them were wounded.

After Jackie was led to the gathering spot of the Dual Sovereign Pavilion, everybody looked at him with a weird look in their eyes. After all, they were not familiar with Jackie as he had just joined the sect recently. Before he became Elder Godfrey’s last disciple, he was just an informal disciple. Compared to Jackie, they had a closer relationship with one another. After all, they had been by each other’s side since the beginning

The people Jackie was most familiar with were the Olsen brothers. However, the two of them had a strained relationship with Jackie.

“I thought that I won’t see you here but it looks like you’re really lucky. You weren’t killed by anybody or swallowed by monster beasts with your intermediate stage innate level fighting prowess.” Griffin said enigmatically.

When he started speaking, the other Dual Sovereign Pavilion disciples looked over at them and their eyes were flickering between Jackie and Griffin. Many of them were wondering how the two of them, who had nothing to do with one another, became enemies.

The corners of Jackie’s mouth twitched. He knew that Griffin would not let him off easy and would definitely say something nasty when they bump into one another. However, Jackie was not somebody who would allow others to step over him. Griffin had been continuously causing him trouble and the situation would only intensify if Jackie did not fight back.

Jackie chuckled and said calmly, “Same to you.”

Griffin was stunned and it looked like he had suffered several slaps to his face when he heard what they said.

Griffin was so angry that his face darkened. “B* stard! How dare you!”

Jackie looked at Griffin coldly. “What did I say that deserves such comments from you? I only said that I feel the same. Am I not allowed to fight back when you’re allowed to insult me?”


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