No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2213

The old voice suddenly paused.

Everyone became immensely excited at the mention of a reward. The way they were staring at the peak of the Divine Void Slope was as if the reward would come flying down at them if they stared hard enough. The glowing items that Jackie saw before must be the reward the old voice mentioned. Undoubtedly, the items must be of astronomical value since they were left behind by the master of the Secret Place for Resources.

The old voice seemed to like to whet the appetite of everyone as he continued slowly, “There are too many rewards, I won’t explain them one by one, but I will mention a few of the more common ones. There are Ten Thousand Soul Pill, an eighth-rank spirited pill, Heaven Aroma Fruit, and Hundred Soul Grass, both of them seventh-grade spirited grass, and five spirited cores of the monsters in the divine solidifying level!”

There was an uproar as soon as the final word came out. Everyone’s eyes widened with excitement, and they had to wipe the drool off their mouth, while their greedy eyes were fixed at the top of Divine Void Slope. They would be swimming in contribution points if they sell off all the rewards.

Even an elder would be fighting over an eighth grade pill; that was just how precious it was. The eyes of the people there became bloodshot, while some of the others’ breathing became haggard. Most of the people there were very confident in their own power, and felt that they could be the first to get to the top!

Jackie, however, was much calmer, because he had other things on his mind. ‘Is it a coincidence that this slope in front of me is named the Divine Void Slope?’ After coming to the West Cersie State, he discovered a lot of things were actually related to the Divine Void World, and now he would have to climb the Divine Void Slop and fight the phantom of the Divine Void Warriors.

Everything was too coincidental for his liking, and if it was not a coincidence, then it would mean that the Secret Place for Resources was inextricably linked with the Divine Void World. He suddenly recalled the scene at the Cliff of Sorrows-the Ten Absolutes trap array that should not have appeared in this world, and the corpse engraved with runes outside the trap array. All these various signs pointed to the fact that the West Cercie State was definitely related to the Divine Void World during ancient times.

“Don’t get too happy too soon! After climbing the Divine Void Slope, the martial arts skills that you use your internal energy to activate will be suppressed to a certain extent,” said the old voice.

Everyone felt like that was a hidden meaning behind the words, and they began to mull it over. Jackie’s eyes widened instantly, and a thought flashed in his mind, but he was not sure whether it was true.

The old voice continued, “I’ll give you two hours to rest. The Divine Void Slop will open after two hours! Remember, everyone will fight against nine Divine Void Warriors every three hundred feet you climb!”

After saying this, the old voice fell silent, as if it had never appeared. Everyone would have two hours of rest. Most of them did not need the time to rest since they had not consumed any energy in the time they were there. Instead, they spent their time discussing topics such as climbing the Divine Void Slope, who the old voice belonged to, what was the purpose of setting up the Divine Void Slope, and what would be the best reward at the top.

Jackie furrowed his brows. He walked over to the Divine Void Slope and looked to the top.


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