No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2212

‘What should I do now? Why is everyone here? The only person who possessed the ability to bring us all here should be the master of the Secret Places for Resources. Just exactly what is he planning to do?’ Suddenly, Elder Godfrey’s words flashed through Jackie’s mind.

The Secret Places for Resources was very likely to be a place of inheritance left by a powerful predecessor. The reason why he left the place was to find the person he could pass his mantle to. Could it be that Elder Godfrey had guessed correctly?

Suddenly, an old voice with unrivaled force exploded In everyone’s ears. “All teleportation caves are closed! If you want to go back, you must find the exit yourself. I would give you all a hint- the place where you enter the Divine Void Slope is where you can leave!”

The hint confused them though they could somewhat guess the general meaning. All the teleportation caves had been closed? What exactly are those anyways? Are they similar to the space cave they used to enter the Secret Places for Resources? If all the space caves were closed then it would mean that they could not go back, and if they wanted to go back, they had to find the Divine Void Slope? What the heck was the Divine Void Slope?

The announcement was like a bomb, kicking up an explosion of uproar that filled Jackie’s ears.

“The teleportation cave is probably the space cave that we used to enter the Secret Places for Resources. We won’t be able to go out if it’s really closed.”

“Didn’t you hear what the voice said? That we can go back by other means even when the teleportation portal is closed. The place where we enter Divine Void Slopes is the place where we can go back!”

“Where is the Divine Void Slope? Why have I never heard of it? Is it a secret place in the Secret Places for Resources?”

“I don’t know! All I know is it’s impossible for us to get out through the space cave!”

“Do you think we’ll be locked up here till the day we die?!”

“I hope not…”

The discussions were endless. Everyone was worried. Would they be trapped there forever? Why was the teleportation cave closed? What was the main purpose of closing the teleportation cave? All those questions took hold of Jackie’s attention. He was also very curious as to the reason why the space cave must be closed. Could it be that there was a sinister plot going on that they did not know of?

The old voice did not give everyone much time to discuss before it continued calmly, “In front of you is the Divine Void Slope which measures three thousand feet, and your current position puts you at the foot of the Divine Void Slope! The Divine Void Slope will open after two hours, and all of you must climb up the slope. You will come across a Divine Void Warrior every three hundred feet, of which you must defeat to be able to continue your journey. You will have to defeat a total of nine Divine Void Warriors, and only the one who has reached the top will receive the rich reward the Divine Void Slope has prepared for you.”


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