No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2209

If the opportunity to escape was presented to others, they would definitely seize it without hesitation, so It was only natural for Jackie to do the same. He exhaled deeply and immediately decided in his heart. He turned around, pointed his toes, and rushed out in the opposite direction!

Suddenly, the sound of raging wind sounded in his ears, as if a wild beast was hot in his pursuit. He turned his head, and his heart skipped a beat when he saw the masked man behind him. The speed of the masked man was several times faster than Jackie. Within a few seconds, he had already shortened the distance between Jackie and him. At this speed, it would not take long before he completely catches up with Jackie.

A chill rose in Jackie’s heart as if he had been deluged with ice-cold water. ‘Why did the masked man suddenly come after me when he was clearly focused on the nine-clawed python?’

Just as he was thinking, and running for his life frantically, a sinister voice rang in his ear, “I remember who you are now. It seems like that idiot wasn’t lying. You put on the mask because you recognized me! Didn’t you die in the Cliff of Sorrows? How did you get into the Secret Place for Resources?”

The masked man’s words chilled Jackie’s heart even more. He really did recognize him, which was the worst situation ever! He was sure that the masked man would not let him go so easily now that he had recognized him. After all, for so many years, no one had been able to walk out of the Cliff of Sorrows, and those who could must be hiding some sort of secret.

Jackie breathed out deeply and said nothing. He activated his internal energy again and frantically used the laws of space to escape in the opposite direction. Unfortunately, he had only cultivated for a short period of time and had no special escape martial arts skills, so could only rely on the laws of space to pull some distance between the two of them.

Although the masked man did not know how to use the laws of space, his speed had not fallen behind Jackie’s and was continuously shortening the distance between the two. It did not take a rocket scientist to figure out that the masked man had cultivated some kind of speed-increasing martial arts skill.

The masked man chuckled coldly when he saw that Jackie was so focused on running away that he had no energy to say anything to him. “Hey kid, do you seriously think you can escape from me? I might leave your corpse intact if you surrender now.”

This had to be the most dangerous situation Jackie had encountered. Although the masked man’s current cultivation was only in the final stage of innate level, Jackie was sure that he was stronger than the average person with the same level. The reason why Jackie was able to challenge those above his level was that he had very strong martial art skills, and the martial arts techniques he cultivated was also the best of the best; combined they could close the gap between levels, but the masked man also had this advantage.

His previous level was the spring solidifying level meaning he most probably had an Earth-level martial arts technique. In addition, his extraordinary talents would surely allow him to cultivate martial arts techniques to the level of perfection. All these and the difference in level gave Jackie no confidence that he could win against the masked man.

Not to mention, Jackie had a feeling that the masked man had more than one martial arts technique up his sleeves. Of course, to be a senior brother to the others, he must have plenty of combat experience, and Jackie estimated that he had less than twenty percent of a chance to win against him. Therefore, Jackie would definitely not engage in a fight with the masked man.


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