No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2208

With a whoosh, Zamian’s mountain-breaking ax swung toward Jackie again. He was ready to fling out the Soul Swords but changed his plan at the last minute after what Frank did. The moment the ax came flying at him, he rushed toward Frank who was flying in the same direction as him. It was not long before the two of them bumped into each other, and it was not just the two of them. The attacks of the bearded man and the two Corpse Pavilion disciples were also hot on their tails, especially the fire dragon of the mountain-breaking ax.

Frank felt his heart drop to his stomach. “Are you crazy?! Why didn’t you dispel Zamian’s attack first?”

Jackie sneered. Would that not be what Frank intended if he did just that. Frank immediately understood what Jackie had in mind when he saw the sneer on his face.

“In this case, you and I will die together!” he roared just when the attack was about to hit them both.

Jackie arched his brow. He did not pay any attention to him at all. He pushed the power of the laws of space to its limit and retreated to a distance of twenty yards with only one step. This was the first time that Jackie had pushed the laws of space to such a level, and it had cost him a lot of internal energy. At the same time, it also affected his meridians; he could feel them throbbing faintly after using the skill.

His breath became ragged, and when he raised his head, he saw Frank’s incredulous eyes. How could Jackie be standing next to him in one second, and then dodged to a distance of twenty yards the next? This time, all the attacks fell on Frank, who roared maniacally, “Help!”

However, it was all too late. No one would come to save him even if he shouted until his voice turned hoarse. With a loud bang, the fire dragon and the skulls swallowed him up. Violent energy fluctuated, blood and flesh spattered out, and a big hole was blown out where Jackie was standing just moments ago. Frank was so battered that there was not one intact part on his entire body.

In another blink of an eye, he stopped breathing. He was so dead that even a ghost would seem more alive than him. Jackie sneered, and thought that it was a shame that Frank died so fast; he did not even get to torture him yet. His anger would only be assuaged if he managed to torture him before sending him to hell.

“Brother Frank!” yelled Edric hysterically, the moment Frank took his last breath. However, no matter how he yelled, it would not bring Frank back from the dead. Jackie arched his eyebrow subconsciously as he did not expect the brotherly bond between Frank and Edric to be so deep. Edric had obviously forgotten that it was because of Frank that they found themselves knee-deep in trouble.

Jackie breathed a sigh of relief. He swept his gaze across the surroundings and confirmed that his position was outside of the battle range. He would be able to escape completely as long as he continued forward. He had no feelings for the people he had just met, and even though they were a team for a brief moment in time, it was also a fact that they each had an ulterior motive for doing so.


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