No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2207

Zamian sighed internally. The masked man would definitely label him as weak if he asked for his help now. He did not want to leave a bad impression, so he bit the bullet instead.

Jackie narrowed his eyes and suddenly thought of a plan. This was his chance to escape since the masked man’s attention was elsewhere. If he did not leave then, he would have died with the others. Thinking of this, he activated his internal energy and unleashed his strongest skill.

Fifteen Soul Swords appeared on his palm. He had successfully condensed fifteen Soul Swords in the Soul Hall after absorbing the Shattered Soul Crystals. Those fifteen Soul Swords which were exuding a gray -black brilliance were Jackie’s trump card; they were filled with unfathomable power as they spun on Jackie’s palm.

Zamian felt his heart skip a beat when he saw the Soul Swords. He had a bad feeling about them. However, it was not like he had any other choice other than to fight Jackie head-on, so he gritted his teeth and prepared for the battle of his life.

However, before that, he turned his head sharply to look at the two Corpse Pavilion disciples who were fighting Frank, and said, “What are you two dawdling about! Finish him off now!”

In fact, what he really meant was come and help me once you’ve finished Frank off! The two Corpse Pavilion disciples had not unleashed their full power previously but did so after getting chewed out by Zamian.

Immediately, they activated their internal energy and charged toward Frank with the intention to kill him there and then. The Corpse Pavilion disciple on the left punched out a series of hand seals, and countless flaming skulls started to circulate wildly on his spear.

With a roar, he stabbed Frank’s chest with the spear. Frank’s face turned pale with fright, and he quickly activated his internal energy to escape. Just as he was doing so, he caught a glimpse of Jackie out of the corner of his eye, and suddenly thought of a plan. Without missing a beat, he headed toward Jackie’s direction.

‘He’s the cause of all the misfortunes!’ He would be open to escape once the two Corpse Pavilion disciples changed their target to Jackie. He was impressed at how smart he was to come up with such a plan. Fortunately, he had learned a martial arts skill that was used especially for escaping called Seven Steps Gone. It was just that he had yet to master the skill. Not to mention the skill would consume a lot of his internal energy to unleash its full potential, so he could only use it once at most. That was his one-shot at saving himself, so he normally would not use it until necessary.

He kicked against the ground and shot toward Jackie like an arrow. Under the impetus of his internal energy, he managed to careen forward at full speed. The spear that was aimed at his heart stabbed the ground with a loud bang instead, and the revolving flaming skulls exploded the moment the spear hit the ground, kicking up a cloud of smoke and dust which instantly blocked everyone’s vision.

After the series of explosions, Jackie heard the annoying voice again. “I say, Brother Jackie, you are so strong, so won’t you please help me take those two down!”

Jackie turned his head sharply and looked at Frank with contempt. He really did not expect him to be that thick-faced. He was the one who dragged everyone into this, and he was also the one who constantly tried to frame him. It was hilarious how he still dared to ask Jackie for help after all that.


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