No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2206

However, those words came out from Jackie’s lips. In addition, Jackie had stayed calm throughout the whole ordeal, so Zamian was convinced that Jackie had not unleashed his full power yet, and if that was the case, it was highly likely that Zamian would lose the next round as well.

He gulped at the thought and looked at Jackie with a hint of fear. It was at that moment a figure suddenly sailed past them. All of them looked toward the figure at the same time. It was a man dressed in green, who had been blasted by the air current.

The man was sent flying dozens of yards away before finally landing heavily on the ground with a heavy thud. Jackie’s heart skipped a beat; he immediately took a step forward, and shouted, “Brother Heath, are you okay?!”

Heath coughed violently twice, and spat out blood as If he had an infinite amount of it; he was so seriously injured that his face was blue and purple. With the blood staining the corners of his lips, he propped himself up on one shoulder and tried to stand up. However, he only managed to rise halfway before losing his balance and falling to the ground again.

Jackie turned his head abruptly to face the masked man, who looked no different than before. Even the corners of his clothes were clean and not stained with dust, as if he was not in the battle at all. Before the battle, Jackie already knew in his heart that Heath was no match for the masked man, but he did not expect the gap between the two to be so large.

He was too focused on his own battle with the bearded man and had no time to worry about the others, but even so, he could tell how much stronger the masked man was from the tragic state that Heath was in. Heath coughed up two mouthfuls of blood again. The open space was dyed red from his blood which frightened everyone present. They did not need to perform a check on Heath’s injuries to know that he was seriously injured.

“Hold on, Brother Heath!” shouted Byron loudly.

Edric and his situation were quite perilous too, but compared to Frank, they were much stronger. Although they were still no match for the three Corpse Pavilion disciples in front of them, they could, however, get by. Jackie could tell that in terms of the battle situation over there, it would not be long until the two of them were defeated.

The masked man seemed to have lost interest in the fight after he took down Heath, for his eyes were fixed on the dead nine-clawed python. Seeing this, Darryl heaved a sigh of relief-that was a fortune among misfortunes! The masked man probably thought that the other disciples would be able to handle the rest of them, so there was no need for him to help them out. Zamian frowned. He wanted to ask the masked man for help, but looking at the situation, the masked man obviously had no intention of doing that as he had faith in their power.


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