No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2205

“Who the hell are you?! You must be concealing your cultivation!” No way an intermediate stage of an innate level disciple could beat him up like this. Not only did he sustain heavy injuries, but he also dropped his weapon. He would be a laughing stock if words get out about this!

Those who could enter the Secret Place for Resources were all highly-ranked among the Clan associations. He had naturally met those who challenged those above their levels. In fact, he possessed the ability to do so, but that was only relatively speaking.

Every one of them in the Secret Place for Resources was all masters in their own right, and in the bearded man’s mind, a battle between two masters where one was fighting above his level was unheard of. Unless that master was someone like the masked man, who by talent alone was already enough to overwhelm him, and who had deliberately downgraded his own cultivation to enter the Secret Place of Resources.

At that time, everyone had their hands full with their own battle, so the only people who saw what happened between the bearded man and Jackie’s battle were only Frank and others who were closest to him.

‘Jackie actually made the bearded man drop his weapon?’ Frank widened his eyes and stared at Jackie and the bearded man incredulously. He was still fighting the two Corpse Pavilion disciples who seemed to have an upper hand. Although his talent put him at the top of the ranking in the Muddled Origin Clan, he was still no match for the Corpse Pavilion disciples whose talent was above average.

He was losing ground, and almost beaten to the point of coughing up blood, while one of his arms was bleeding profusely from a sword wound. The pain caused his forehead to wrinkle, and cold sweat to run down his face. He never expected that the cocky bearded man would ever lose to Jackie.

“How is this possible? Was the bearded man bluffing about his own powers?” asked the shocked Frank.

Judging by the astonishing look on their faces, the two Corpse Pavilion disciples opposite him also saw what happened. The others might not know, but the two of them knew that the bearded man was among the top thirty formal disciples in the Corpse Pavilion. Even the combined power of two of them was not enough to suppress the bearded man, what was more to say Jackie did it single-handedly.

“That kid is stronger than Brother Zamian!” shouted the Corpse Pavilion disciple on the left. It was only then Jackie realized the bearded man’s name was Zamian.

Zamian gritted his teeth and raised his head. He heard what his junior brother had just said, and suddenly felt that he had been humiliated as if he was slapped on the face several times. ‘It’s all this bastard’s fault! I wouldn’t be humiliated if it wasn’t for him!’

He went ballistic. He squatted down suddenly and picked up the mountain-breaking ax from the ground. With a roar, he activated the internal energy In his body, and a ferocious flame surged from the ax once more. This time, his power was fully activated, and the flame formed a real dragon phantom mid air!

“Die, you bastard! There’s no way you will survive now that I’ve unleashed my full power!”

Jackie scoffed and said, “What makes you think I’ve unleashed my full power just now? It seems that you are quite confident in yourself!”

His words were like adding insult to injury and it made Zamian’s already pale face even paler. He might not have believed it if it came out of anyone else’s lips.


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