No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2204

There was a hint of shock in the bearded man’s eyes. He looked toward Jackie disbelievingly, and said, “You bastard! What kind of martial arts are you cultivating that can actually compete with the flames that I cultivated?!”

Jackie scoffed and said nothing. The Destroying the Void technique he cultivated was at least a heaven level skill. If it were not for the memory left by the ancient predecessors, he would not be able to immediately tell what kind of martial skill the flame on the mountain-breaking ax was, but with the help of the memory, he could see at a glance that the flames must be a premium red level martial arts technique, making it the same level as the one Wesley had.

However, Wesley’s martial arts technique was not as powerful as the flames. This meant that the bearded man’s mastery of the flames was definitely higher than Wesley’s which led to a certain gap in the martial arts technique displayed by the two.

The bearded man might appear calm on the surface, but a storm was brewing in his heart. He knew that the masked man wanted them to kill Jackie and the others as quickly as possible to avoid attracting attention hence he used more than half of his strength to do the flames technique. Therefore, it was only natural for him to lose his composure when he saw Jackie dispel his attack with just one move.

“You bastard! Don’t even think you can beat me just because you got away with the previous attack!” said the bearded man, putting on his bravado. He charged toward Jackie with his ax again. Without slowing down its ground-shattering momentum, the flames ignited on the ax with a whoosh.

Jackie punched out another series of hand seals, and this time, summoned twelve Soul Swords which he pushed forward. The gray-black Soul Swords twisted, shattered, and merged into a giant Soul Sword infused with a vast amount of his own soul power. The giant Soul Sword hummed and trembled as if it had infinite energy.

Blue veins popped out of Jackie’s forehead. Although the giant Soul Sword was still not his strongest combat power, it was already making him a little tired due to the huge amount of soul power poured into it. The moment the ax came over, Jackie urged the Soul Sword to meet it head-on. In an instant, the flame and the soul power raged over each other, like a fire dragon thrashing around in a sea of Soul Sword while the aftershock of the collision swept across the area with a loud whooshing sound.

Jackie heard a dragon’s roar and realized that the mountain-breaking ax had really transformed into a fire dragon. However, the giant Soul Sword had pierced through its heart, and it was thrashing and roaring madly, unable to break itself free. In the next second, the fire dragon dissipated and the giant Soul Sword collided with the ax.

“No!” shouted the bearded man, and he began to frantically retreat, but the Soul Sword was like a leech attached to skin. After hitting the mountain ax, it instantly turned into a cloud of black energy and wrapped itself around the bearded man’s right hand. The pain was like being stabbed with a thousand needles causing the bearded man to scream miserably

He let go of the mountain-breaking ax, and it fell to the ground with a thud. The bearded man’s eyes widened in disbelief. The constant tingling from his right hand reminded him that he was no match for Jackie at all which he found unacceptable!


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