No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2203

Heath breathed out deeply. Mask or no mask, he did not care. He then took out two three-feet-long swords of the same length from his storage ring and held one in each hand. The swordsmanship he cultivated was the double-sword style, and he stood In a way that allowed him to launch an attack at the drop of a hat. The masked man set his eyes on Heath again. Seeing this, Jackie heaved a sigh of relief, and once again set his eyes on the three Corpse Pavilion disciples in front of him.

The bearded man looked him up and down, trying to read him. He suddenly burst out laughing, and said,” You’re smart to change the subject, but even this will not help! I will take off the mask on your face with my own hands to see who you are!”

Jackie snorted lightly and ignored him, turning his face away from him. In fact, the position he and Frank were in was considered safe compared to the other three. The masked man might have thought of the two of them as garbage hence, pushed them to the edge. That would make it easier for Jackie to escape. However, even if he wanted to escape, he had to solve the problem at hand first.

The bearded man was done talking. Suddenly, he charged toward Jackie and Frank with a swinging ax. Frank’s face turned pale immediately. He stepped back, and shouted, “Kill him first! He must be your enemy, if not, why would he wear a mask?!”

Even till then, Frank had not given up on directing the attention back to Jackie. In Jackie’s heart, Frank was as good as dead. He stepped back, activated the laws of space, and immediately pulled a distance of five to six yards between them.

The bearded man was impressed by his technique. He chuckled coldly, and changed his direction toward Jackie, leaving the remaining two Corpse Pavilion disciples to deal with Frank. The sound of chaos could be heard when Frank’s three-feet-long sword collided with the two Corpse Pavilion disciples’ weapons.

The bearded man swung his ax and a scorching flame erupted like lava from the ax. When the mountain breaking ax slashed over, it carried scorching energy that distorted the surrounding air. Jackie’s brows furrowed, his attention a hundred percent on putting some distance between him and the ax. Although he was not weak, he also knew that he was no match for the bearded man, who was probably ranked top of the Corpse Pavilion.

He needed to proceed cautiously. The gap between him and the bearded man was half a small realm, meaning to say he was challenging someone half a level higher than him. He flipped his hands and punched out hand seals to summon the ten Soul Swords, which instantly appeared floating above his palm.

He then put his hands together, combining the ten Soul Swords into a giant Soul Sword. Gray-black smoke swirled around the giant Soul Sword while the runes on the sword flashed. As he retreated frantically, he pushed the Soul Sword forward to meet the mountain-breaking ax.


The giant Soul Sword collided with the mountain breaking ax, and a violent shock wave rippled across the air. The mountain-breaking ax’s flames were extinguished by the giant Soul Sword, and the residual energy on the giant Soul Sword wrapped itself around the mountain-breaking ax like the vine.


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