No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2202

The three Corpse Pavilions disciples looked at the two of them as if they were lambs waiting to be slaughtered. The joy on their faces was apparent, especially the bearded man who looked at Jackie and Frank as if they were delicious food. It was only then that Frank realized he had brought the trouble upon them.

The bearded man did not attack them immediately but stared at Frank mockingly. “Hey kid, why aren’t you talking big anymore? Where’s your righteous indignation now? Who was the one who said that we wouldn’t dare kill you because of the cost involved?”

Frank gulped and was trembling all over. The bearded man roared with laughter when he saw how Frank behaved; his eyes never left Frank even for a second. “Saying that makes me want to kill you even more! Soon you’ll experience a fate worse than death!

Frank shivered at the thought of the bearded man torturing him to death. He was almost jealous of Jackie, who he was sure would be granted a quick death. In a panic, Frank suddenly pointed at the mask on Jackie’s face and said, “He wasn’t wearing this mask before you guys came. He only put it on after! You probably know who he is. He has a grudge against you. If you want to torture someone, torture him!”

The bearded man and the two Corpse Pavilion disciples behind him were momentarily taken aback, and the three of them looked at Jackie who was wearing a mask at the same time.

The corners of Jackie’s mouth twitched, and he turned his head sharply to look at Frank. It dawned on him that Frank’s mind worked very fast as long as it was aimed at bringing other people down. If it was not for the situation they were in, Jackie would have been impressed with how he could divert the attention toward him while Frank was under duress.

Jackie took a deep breath, and said, “Don’t lie, Frank! I have my reasons for wearing a mask, but it has nothing to do with them!”

Of course, Jackie would not admit that he was wearing a mask because he was afraid that the masked man would recognize him. Frank got excited at Jackie’s words. He turned his head and said loudly, “I didn’t lie. He’s the one who’s lying! If you don’t believe me, ask him to take off his mask, and you’ll see! I swear on my mother’s life that he only put on the mask after you guys came.”

The masked man was about to launch an attack on Heath, but Frank’s words piqued his curiosity, making him turn to look at them. How Jackie wished he could stab Frank to death there and then. He frowned while thinking that he must not get tangled with Frank anymore. If things continued like that, the masked man might abandon Heath first to deal with him.

He exhaled a puff of air, turned to face Heath, and said, “Brother Heath! There is something wrong with Frank. It seems like he’s hellbent on making sure we don’t get out of here alive. We shouldn’t give him this chance so let’s end this fight as soon as possible. Either that or we’ll try to find an opening for escape!”

They were all in that situation because of what that bastard Frank had said. Heath had always hated Frank and wished that he could cut him up into a million pieces. After listening to Jackie’s words, he felt that he was right, even though he too wondered why Jackie only put on the mask after the masked man came. However, he would not press the matter further since Jackie had not done anything to him, unlike that bastard, Frank.


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