No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2201

The masked man rushed to the front swiftly. He stood in the center with three people on the left and right, facing Heath. The masked man arched his brow, and before Heath and the others could react, he suddenly waved his right hand, and a powerful air current rushed toward five of them.

Although Heath and the others were not as strong as the other party, they were after all battle-hardened. They immediately propped up their attached spirit to protect themselves when the masked man made a move.

Jackie took a deep breath, and within half a second, the powerful air current had already hit them. He thought that this energy would tyrannically smash their attached spirits into pieces, but unexpectedly, the air current did not have violent destructive power despite its looks. They were, however, pushed back by the wind.

The five of them were swept up and down by the air current. Fortunately, they were not hurt in any way but were separated from the others. Jackie’s heart skipped a beat, and he immediately understood the masked man’s plan which was to deal with them separately and finish them off fast!

Just now, Jackie only wanted to use the attached spirit to resist the impact of the air current. He did not expect that the air current was not to hurt them but to separate them, so it was only natural that he was caught off guard. By the time he realized that he had already been blown five or six yards away!

Just then, he heard a loud bang. Turning his head toward the direction of the sound, he saw that Frank had fallen to the ground a yard away from him. He glanced at him and immediately stood up from the ground

Although stupid most of the time, Frank also knew that he should not let the enemy have any opening, so he quickly stood up while struggling. However, it was too late for them to converge at that time. They were surrounded by three people as soon as they stood up and among them was the bearded man!

Jackie quickly glanced around and saw that both Byron and Edric were also surrounded by three people at a distance of twenty yards away from him while Heath faced the masked man alone. Seeing this, his heart began to beat like a drum in his chest. Their small number had already put them at a disadvantage, and what made it even worse was that their opponents had higher cultivation than them. The odds of winning were not favorable to them at all.

This masked man is not an ordinary person! He separated us as soon as possible so that we couldn’t work together!’ thought Jackie. He then turned his attention to Heath who was facing the masked man and saw that his original pitch-black face had turned pale.

Heath naturally understood the masked man’s intention to separate them, and he was under immense pressure to take down the masked man alone. The others might not know this, but Jackie knew that the masked man used to be at the spring solidifying level. Although he did not know the extent of Heath’s power, he was sure that Heath would not be able to win at all. After analyzing all that, he turned his attention to the three Corpse Pavilions disciples surrounding him.


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