No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2200

The atmosphere was so tense that an all-out battle was on the verge of breaking out. Heath wanted more than to get out of this in one piece; it would be a heavy loss on their side if the battle really broke out. At this thought, he quickly reached out his hand and grabbed Frank’s arm, in a bid to stop him from saying anything, so that they could hurriedly leave the place.

However, Frank seemed to not notice him at all as he shouted at the Corpse Pavilion Disciples, “Don’t you dare look down on a third-grade Clan association! Even a disciple from a third-grade Clan association can play a bigger role than you can imagine! Just you wait! After I leave, I will make sure to spread the news of a treasure here so that all the powerhouses would come scrambling for it!”

Heath and the others could not help but tremble in their hearts as soon as the words were out of Frank’s mouth, while the masked man’s eyes darkened in a second. What Frank said reminded him that there was the chance that they would spread the news about the treasure after they left, and someone else might just be brave enough to fight over the master treasures with them. In other words, letting them go was as good as courting danger.

Heath’s face was no different than a blackened pot. He pointed one shaky finger at him and said, “Are…are you crazy! Do you really want to die that much?!”

What Frank did undoubtedly sentenced the five of them to death. If Heath were the masked man, he would never let the five of them leave! Both Edric and Byron’s expressions were as if their own mother had died. Byron wanted more than nothing to slap Frank there and then. He had come across stupid people, but never someone as stupid as Frank.

“You bastard! Just stick out your own neck if you want to die that much! Why do you have to drag us down with you?” shouted Byron at Frank.

Frank felt aggrieved by all their scoldings because he still did not think that he did anything wrong. Edric rolled his eyes angrily as if he was unwilling to believe that he and Frank came from the same Clan association.

Jackie was a little jittery too. He originally thought that Heath was a sensible person even though he was a little greedy. Even so, he must have realized that they had no chance of winning, so it would be meaningless to stay. In this case, it would be best if they all leave.

What they had all underestimated was how brainless Frank could be. Frank scoffed and said nonchalantly, “I have a backbone, unlike you guys! Who wants to be as spineless as all of you!”

Jackie took a deep breath and asked him a question he had been keeping in his heart, “I’m really curious to know how you are alive today? You should have been beaten to death with that stupid brain of yours!”

Frank’s face darkened, he was about to shoot down Jackie’s verbal attack, but at that moment, the masked man suddenly brought down his hand in the direction of them. The six Corpse Pavilion disciples standing behind him rushed out, positioned themselves in a semi-circle, and approached the five of them at an extremely fast speed.

Originally, the distance between the two groups was only a hundred yards, but in a blink of an eye, the Corpse Pavilion disciples already had the five of them surrounded, blocking all of their escape paths.

Heath took a deep breath, in no mood to quarrel with Frank. The five of them quickly adjusted their positions to be back-to-back against each other as they faced the six Corpse Pavilion disciples.


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