No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2199

Heath’s face turned beet red. “So what if it spreads out, can it be compared to our safety? We are not escaping with our tails between our legs, but knowing when to pull the plug. The five of us are no match for the seven of them, so why should we risk our lives like that!”

Frank felt that Heath had misinterpreted his intention, and jumped around in frustration. “I never thought that you would be such a coward! Of course, I know that we’re no match for them but it’s not like we wouldn’t be able to knock out a few of them! Why should we let them humiliate us like this? I’m all for leaving but we should leave in a way that we can be proud of!”

Heath’s expression became frightening to look at after being lectured by Frank. He never expected those words to come out of Frank’s mouth. ‘What the hell does he mean by leaving in a way that we can be proud of? Is he saying we should strut away after scolding them?

Jackie chuckled. It was his intention to not say anything, but he had greatly underestimated Frank’s idiocy and had no choice but to break his silence. « Brother Frank, what does it mean to leave in a way we can be proud of? Do you mean that we should let the other party murder us after you’ve angered them?”

Frank had never liked Jackie. At his words, his face turned red with anger while his eyes become bloodshot. He whipped around and stared at Jackie vehemently. “Are you deaf? Didn’t you hear what I said just now? Even if they want to fight us, they have to weigh their losses! Yes, there might be seven of them and only five of us but it’s not like we can’t knock out a few of their teeth! Do you think everyone is the same as you? That they would not weigh the pros and cons? It’s because of that they still hadn’t made a move against us! And that’s why I’m confident we’ll be fine!”

Upon hearing that, everyone pursed their lips speechlessly.

“It seems that your brain is really muddled. Who do you think are those people standing across from us? Do you think the Corpse Pavilion disciples are benevolent people who would not do anything just because of some stupid pros and cons?” said Jackie icily.

At this, Frank became so angry that he pointed at Jackie, and shouted, “You’re just doing this to rile me up, aren’t you?”

“Do you think we have time to listen to your quarrel here? I’ll say it for the last time, either get lost or die!” said the masked man sinisterly before Jackie could answer Frank. The masked man eyed the five of them icily while the bearded man was bent over laughing

“The masked boy behind you is absolutely right! You’re really muddled in the brain. Do you really think we won’t take action toward you just because we’re afraid of getting our teeth knocked out?! Who do you think you are? You might be someone in a third -grade Clan association, but in our eyes, you’re not even a piece of shit!” said the bearded man.

Those words were like a torpedo blasting away Frank’s self-esteem. His hands trembled slightly, and he turned his head sharply to look at the masked man and the others. Heath frowned, knowing very well in his heart that Frank was about to say something that would push them to the edge of no return.


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