No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2198

The seven Corpse Pavilion disciples’ faces were as black as coal. Jackie stared speechlessly at Frank and wondered if there was a screw loose in his head. It seemed as if he was willing to offend anyone as long as he could show off his bravado.

Edric immediately put his hand on Frank’s shoulder and whispered, “Have you gone insane? There are seven of them and look at what they’re wearing! All of them are from the Corpse Pavilion! While on our site, all five of us are from different Clan associations, and not to mention Jackie is only an intermediate stage of innate level! Don’t think we’re getting out of this alive if they’re hell-bent on killing us!”

“Can you not be such a coward? How can you ever earn anyone’s respect like this? Didn’t you hear how they humiliated us just now? Are you just going to let them get away with it? You’re afraid of them, but I am not, for I know I’m strong! Although the disciples of the fourth-grade Clan associations are powerful, us Muddled Clan Origins disciples are not bad as well,” said Frank nonchalantly.

Everyone except Frank turned green after hearing that while Jackie nearly burst out laughing. Wow, he sure is confident. I wonder where he got it from…? Thought Jackie.

The masked man stared at Frank sinisterly. “It seems like you really want to die!”

The temperature in that area suddenly dropped to a freezing point, and no one said anything else for a while. Heath’s face was as black as charcoal, and his hands were still trembling slightly. The nine-clawed python was likely to have broken through to the divine-solidifying level and a spirited core of a monster beast at that level could definitely be exchanged for a lot of wealth. He could then exchange all that wealth for the pills and martial art skills. In addition, he suspected there was precious spirited grass under the nine-clawed python’s head. He was unwilling to let go of all this, but if he did not, the five of them would surely fall at the hand of the masked man.

In fact, he also knew in his heart that although the five of them temporarily formed an alliance, it did not mean that they would abide by the ‘fall for one, and one for all’ slogan. There was no way they could win against the united Corpse Pavilion disciples, not to mention the tyrannical masked man. After thinking of all that, he exhaled slowly.

Then, he looked sideways at Frank, who was still seething with anger, as if he had just experienced the worst humiliation in his life. Heath felt that if they dawdled further, they would run the risk of Frank saying something even more offensive. By then, it would be too late for them to escape.

Heath made up his mind. He turned around and said to the people behind him, “Let’s go, we are no match for them.”

As soon as these words came out, Frank’s indignant face suddenly froze. He widened his eyes and stared at Heath with disbelief as if he was questioning why they had to flee. “Brother Heath, are you really afraid of them?! Even if we are no match for them, we can’t let them insult you like that. Listen to what they said before. What will others say about us if we escape with our tails between our legs?!”

The more Frank said, the more agitated he became. He felt that his ego had been trampled to the ground, and was red in the face. Seeing this made Jackie roll his eyes.


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