No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2197

The masked man’s imposing aura was a little more restrained after he landed on the ground again. “Do I need to say it again? Either get lost or die. None of you five will survive if you stay any longer!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he took another ten steps forward, and the imposing aura erupted from his body. They could still feel the aura clearly even though they were dozens of yards away from him. Heath involuntarily took a half-step back, but then he forced himself to gain back that half-step as if he did not want to give the masked man the upper hand.

Edric’s brows creased tightly, and he swept his eyes across the Corpse Pavilion disciples. Then, he looked at the members of his group and finally said,” Brother Heath, don’t be impulsive. You very well know that none of the people in the Corpse Pavilion are easy to deal with. They don’t care about etiquette and morality. By the looks of it, they’re hellbent on getting their hands on the spirited grass and nine clawed python spirited core. Let’s not fight with them and just leave…”

Heath’s face became even more frightening to look at when he heard that. Frank turned his head and shouted like a cat whose tail had just been stepped on, “I say, Edric, why are you being such a coward? We might not have the advantage of numbers but that doesn’t mean we have no chance of winning at all! In any case, our ranks in the Clan association are quite high as well! Although the Corpse Pavilion is also a fourth-grade Clan association, there is still a gap in power between the disciples. Who knows, these guys might be the weakest among the fourth-grade Clan association!”

After being questioned, Edric’s expression became so scrunched up that water might drip from it. Jackie arched his brow; he could imagine how badly Edric must have wanted to curse. It was obvious the masked man and others heard Frank since he did not bother to lower his volume at all.

The masked man sneered and said nothing, but the two disciples flanking him were not as calm as him. Judging by their stance, they should be the masked man’s two most loyal and powerful junior brothers. One of them was the bearded man who just spoke, and the other had not spoken from the beginning to the end.

Jackie recognized him even though he did not say anything. His facial features, for the most part, were average-looking. His eyes were as small as a mung bean. If going by the eyes alone, one would be forgiven to think they belonged to a wild rat on the roadside.

The small-eyed man who had been silent before suddenly opened his mouth after hearing what Frank said. “I have met a lot of people who like to brag in my years of being alive but you, my friend, take the cake. Judging by what you are wearing, you should be a disciple of the Muddled Origin Clan of the third grade Clan Association. I do wonder where did a third -grade Clan Association get so much courage to speak such big words in front of a fourth-grade Clan Association?”

True to his personality, Frank did not back down but instead said, “It’s none of your business where I get my courage from! What’s the use of coming from the fourth-grade Clan Association when the people from there act so cowardly! I bet you’ve committed all the sins under heaven! If we are hypocrites, then you’re worse than us!”


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