No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2196

“You hypocrites only talk about etiquette and shame. Don’t tell me you’re just trying to save your face by not getting lost. You obviously want to fight with us to get a piece of the pie!”

As soon as the masked man finished speaking, the bearded-man standing beside him burst out laughing. “Every one of you cowards, is a hypocrite. It’s obvious you don’t want to give up the treasure and just want to find some ‘righteous’ reason to justify yourselves! We are not hypocrites like you, and you dare to fight us for treasure? Maybe you should take a good look at yourself in the mirror before that!”

Heath’s face darkened. In all of his years of being alive, no one had ever humiliated him like this. He angrily pointed at the bearded man and shouted, “We are not hypocrites. You’re the one who was obviously in the wrong here and yet you accuse us of being hypocrites?”

Jackie curled the corners of his mouth helplessly. He could already tell from Heath’s tone that he was in actual fact scared and was forcing himself to talk back to save his own face.

The bearded man roared with laughter and swung his sky-opening ax to point at Heath’s face. “You hypocrites like to play tricks, and we, the Corpse Pavilion, have always hated you, hypocrites, the most. Hurry up and get lost if you know what’s good for you! Immediately disappear from my eyes. If not, we will tear you into pieces and feed them to the dogs!”

These words were not polite at all. It was no different from scolding and pointing at a dog. Heath’s hands trembled slightly, and a myriad of colors flashed through his face like fireworks. The others’ expressions were similar to his while Jackie’s expression was very calm from beginning to end. His eyes were fixed on the masked man and he discovered that the cultivation of the masked man was in the final stage of innate level. In other words, he had dropped a level compared to before.

Then, he clearly saw that this masked-man was at the spring-solidifying level, and it was because of that they had no choice but to escape, and even jumped off the broken heart cliff in desperation. However, at this moment, the masked man was at the final stage of innate level. Jackie rolled his eyes and thought to himself, Could it be that the masked man knocked down his cultivation in order to enter the Secret Place of Resources? But if this is the case, the sacrifice is a bit too big. Or maybe there’s some kind of pill that can temporarily suppress the cultivation base?

No matter what, this masked man must have gone through extra pains to enter the Secret Place of Resources. It’s better to avoid an all-out conflict with them. Although this masked man has fallen a level, he was once at the spring-solidifying level. Surely the martial art skills and techniques he practiced were not what the four others could handle.

Jackie frowned, thinking how he should tell them what he knows and bring them to safety. It would be too sudden if he left by himself. Worst, they might think that he wanted a spot in the limelight.

Byron’s face turned black with anger. “You’ve overstepped the line!”

The masked man sneered and took a step or two forward. “Overstepped the line? Don’t you know that this is a world where the strong eat the weak? Weaklings like you all deserve all the bullying you Get!”

This humiliated them even more. Heath’s face was about to explode in fury. He clenched his fists tightly. If it were not for what little reason he had left, he would have brought out his weapon and engaged in an all-out war with the seven Corpse Pavilion disciples.

The masked man suddenly flew into the air. Looking down from the air, he quickly found the thing that they had discovered before that was suspected of being a precious spirited herb.


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