No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2194

Jackie saw a flash of greed in Heath’s eyes. He was the one who kept saying that the spirited herb and spirited grass would belong to whoever first discovered it, but from the way he did not mention it at all, it was clear he had forgotten about this ground rule.

Jackie was no fool. He was not about to let others take advantage of him. It was just that it would be difficult for him to investigate the item with the transparent barrier in the way.

Frank laughed mockingly and looked at Jackie with contempt. “I was wondering why you were rushing here suddenly and now the cat’s out of the bag! You plan to take everything for yourself!”

Jackie turned to face him abruptly. ‘Oh my god, he’s so annoying! Why does he keep on picking on me?’

“Did you knock yourself in the head? Have you forgotten the ground rules? That the spirited grass and spirited flower belongs to whoever finds it? It’s only fair for me to harvest it since I was the one who found it!” said Jackie unceremoniously.

Frank’s face darkened at his words. He did not expect Jackie to talk back to him. He was about to make a comeback at him when they all heard the sound of footsteps coming from their surroundings. The five of them were stunned for a moment, and they quickly descended from the air. After all, being in the air was too conspicuous.

After landing, Byron frowned. “It seems like someone discovered the nine-clawed python too. Did you just see where the people are coming from?” he asked in a hasty tone.

They all shook their heads. They were all in a hurry to get out of the air space, and only took a glance before doing that, but they found nothing. After landing, they formed a nervous group and did not see anything at all.

“We should have taken out the spirited core immediately after confirming the nine-clawed python was no threat!” said Heath nervously. His words were filled with regret. He blamed himself for not thinking of that sooner. The nine-clawed python was a spring-solidifying level monster beast; its spirited core could definitely fetch a high price!

“Senior brother! It’s really dead!” said a sharp voice suddenly from a distance.

They all looked in the direction in unison, only to see that seven people had arrived, and they were less than fifty yards away from them. They appeared so abruptly that Heath and the others were all stunned.

“Why are they so close to us all of a sudden? I didn’t see them coming just now!” said Frank with trembling lips.

The five of them were standing in front of the nine clawed python before. They heard the footsteps but saw no one, so they thought that the people were coming from the side or the back of the nine-clawed python. They never expected them to appear right in front of them.

However, when the five of them formed a circle, they did not find anyone coming from that direction at all. If that sharp-voiced person had not suddenly spoken, they would not have realized anyone was in that direction at all.

Jackie’s pupils trembled slightly. Their sudden appearances gave him a déjà vu feeling, just like the way the two Olsen brothers appeared in front of them before they entered the Secret Place for Resources-one second there was no one there, but the next they suddenly appeared in front of him.

There were seven people in total, all dressed in black robes with skulls embroidered on their chests. From this alone, they could tell the newcomers were from the Corpse Pavilion. Jackie knew more about the Corpse Pavilion than the people around him because he had faced several groups of Corpse Pavilion disciples in Mount Beasts.


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