No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2193

Edric chuckled and said, “Actually, it’s not really that strange. After all, we are not outside. The world in this Secret Place for Resources is very different from the outside world. Maybe the monster beasts here don’t like to eat the corpses of other monster beasts.”

Heath and the others nodded, this explanation was barely passable. Jackie did not listen to their discussion, but instead, he stood on tiptoe and looked at the nine-clawed python from top to bottom.

He pushed the tip of his toes against the ground, activated his true energy, and took a flight to the air. From above, he looked down at the nine-clawed python. He was around a dozen yards in the air when he saw a faint light flashing under the head of the nine-clawed python.

The light was so weak that it could be easily overlooked. He would have definitely missed it if it were not for the fact that he was looking down from above. The corners of Jackie’s mouth curled up into a smile, and he rushed toward where the light was emitting

The huge nine-clawed python was coiled up like a mosquito coil, and the bottom of the python’s head was where the light was emanating. He still clearly remembered that Heath once said the spirited grass and spirited flower would go to whoever first discovered it. Therefore, there was no need to alert them to it since he was the first who discovered the light.

Thinking of this, the corners of his mouth inched even higher as he rushed toward the light. However, as soon as he was five or six yards away from the python’s head, he was knocked backward with a bang as if he had hit a sheet of transparent glass.

His eyes widened in surprise. There was clearly nothing there, but it seemed like there was a layer of tempered glass that could not be broken. He could not go past it at all! The commotion caused by him attracted the attention of the other four.

They all stared at Jackie with surprise. Heath frowned and asked, “Brother Jackie, what just happened? Was that an array you just ran into?”

Jackie’s eyes flickered slightly, and he sighed helplessly in his heart. He did not know what he had run into but he knew for sure that his plan had been foiled. He coughed lightly and pointed in the direction of the python’s head. “There is light emitting from under the python’s head. I was on my way to checking it out when I ran into something transparent.”

As soon as Jackie said that, the other four took flight into the air, and looked down on the nine-clawed python. Under the guidance of Jackie, they found the target. There was fluorescent light emitting from the position of the python head, but because of the distance and the obstruction of the python head, they could not see what was giving off the light.

However, being smart, they knew that it must definitely be something good even if it was not spirited grass or spirited herb. In fact, it could be a master treasure since it emitted white light and was being guarded by the nine-clawed python.

Everyone’s eyes instantly lit up, and a surge went through their hearts. They had traveled across the hills for so long, slew a few monster beasts, and collected a few spirited grass and spirited flowers, but all these were nothing to crow about. At one glance, they knew the fluorescent light-emitting item must be extraordinary,

Heath chuckled, turned his head, and looked at the other four with kind eyes. “I’m guessing the item to be spirited grass. The grade of this spirited grass must be absolutely extraordinary if it’s guarded by such a powerful monster beast. We can surely fetch a high price for it once we get our hands on it.”


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