No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2192

They were very close to the nine-clawed python, around a hundred yards or so, but they still did not feel any powerful aura emanating from the nine clawed python. That actually made them even more nervous. Coupled with the fact that the nine-clawed python was motionless-it did not even seem like it was breathing, so everyone agreed with Jackie’s guess.

Heath thought Jackie’s knowledge was extraordinary, even though his cultivation was not high. As soon as he opened his mouth, Jackie knew what he wanted to say. “You’re very smart, Brother Jackie. That’s exactly what I mean. This nine-clawed python has not moved at all. Don’t you all find this very strange? It’s as if…it’s not alive but…dead.”

Jackie nodded and looked at the nine-clawed python In front of him. The nine-clawed python did not move from its position at all. He could not feel any aura, not even its breathing. Jackie frowned and said with certainty, “I think this nine-clawed python is dead.”

Bryan nodded too and said, “Brother Jackie is right, I also think so, but how did this nine-clawed python die here?”

Frank instantly felt uncomfortable when he heard both Heath and Byron’s generous praise of Jackie, and the way they were looking at him with eyes filled with unconcealed admiration. After all, he did not make the same conclusion as Jackie, and so was robbed of his limelight.

He scoffed and said, “Aren’t you all jumping to conclusions a little too fast? I don’t think this nine clawed python is dead. How could such a big monster beast die here? Why aren’t the other monster beasts eating it if it’s really dead? How can the body still be intact?”

Jackie ignored Frank’s words; he did not even look at him. Instead, he looked at Heath and said, “Let’s speed up our pace. No matter what, there is definitely something wrong with this nine-clawed python.”

Heath nodded, also ignoring Frank’s words. He accelerated his pace and rushed to the front, quickly approaching the nine-clawed python. Frank’s face flushed with anger, and he stomped his feet hard, not knowing what to say when he saw all of them ignoring him.

After speeding up, it took them only five minutes to reach the nine-clawed python. Its scales were shining under the sunlight, and Jackie could even see mud mixed in with the scales. The five of them were so close that nothing about the nine-clawed python could escape their eyes.

Heath circled the giant nine-clawed python and came to a definite conclusion. “It’s not breathing so It should be dead. If it’s alive, it is impossible for it to not react to our presence here at all. Besides, there’s a rotting smell coming out from it.”

The others frowned in unison as soon as Heath said that, Byron approached the largest claw, and stared at it for a long time. Then he sighed and said, “I wonder how this big guy died, and why didn’t the other monster beasts eat its corpse? Isn’t powerful monster beasts considered a kind of supplement for the other monster beasts?”

Heath nodded. “You’re right. The rotting smell proves that this nine-clawed python has been dead for a while, and it is really strange that it is still intact here.”


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