No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2191

Heath kept staring at the huge monster beast. “Yes, we should, but looking at the size of it, it’s definitely not an ordinary monster. It may be dangerous if we approach it rashly so let’s all be extra careful.”

Everyone nodded. In order to ensure their own safety, they came up with a plan. Well, not really a plan but simply an agreement for those with the strongest cultivation to take the lead, and for the weakest to follow behind. They would slowly approach the monster beast so that they could make their escape at the first sign of danger. They would run as far as possible while making sure they stuck together in a group.

Out of the five people, four of them were in the final stage of innate level. Heath was the strongest, and not to mention he was from the Thousand Leaves Pavilion, so he would take the lead. Then, it would be Byron and Edric in the second row, and then Frank and Jackie in the third row. Actually, with this formation, it did not matter who was in the front, as long as they were stuck close to each other, if anything should happen, they would all suffer the same fate.

Furrowing his brow and the two swords in his hands, Heath gradually moved closer to the giant monster beast in a stance that would allow him to attack at a drop of the hat. His eyes never left the monster beast once. The closer they got to the monster beast, the more clearly they could see the shape of it. It looked something like a snake but not a snake. It had scales on its body and only one eye on its head, which was tightly shut. What surprised them, even more, was that this monster had nine claws, which were laid flat on the ground, making the monster beast seem a sif it was asleep.

“I remember it now! I’ve read about this monster beast in one of the ancient books before,” said Edric suddenly

They all turned to look at him in unison.

He did not keep them hanging as he continued to say, “This monster is a nine-clawed python! Judging from its size, it should have grown to adulthood, meaning to say that it should be at the final stage of spring solidifying!”

Hearing this, they all stopped in their tracks at almost the same time. They looked at each other with hesitation written all over their faces. The nine-clawed python was not something they could handle even with their combined power. Their faces immediately darkened at the thought of them being wiped out by the nine-clawed python.

This nine-clawed python was around 200 yards long and was as tall as a small hill. The five of them would surely die instantaneously with one hit from its claw should it go berserk. At that thought, they started to make plans for retreat.

Heath coughed lightly, and said, “Not so fast. Don’t you all think that there’s something off about this nine-clawed python?”

“What do you mean? You can’t leave us hanging like that? If you have something to say, just say it,” said Frank with a frown.

“Brother Heath, are you referring to the fact that we can’t sense any oppressive aura from the nine clawed python even though we’re only forty yards away from it? And the fact that it hasn’t moved at all ever since we laid eyes on it? As if it’s dead…?” asked Jackie.

Heath nodded heavily, with a trace of admiration in his eyes. “It’s just as Brother Jackie said. All the powerful monster beasts would exude a powerful aura. Even at rest or slumber, the aura should be noticeable. The only time the aura is not noticeable is when it deliberately hides it in order to stay hidden. However, this is not the case as it chose to be out in the open for everyone to see.”

The powerful aura could also be called an imposing force. A strong cultivator would have an imposing force around him, and a weak cultivator would invariably lose his presence if he was standing next to the strong cultivator.


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