No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2190

Frank arched his brow, and said nonchalantly, “Each one of us here in the Secret Place for Resources is a master.”

Heath furrowed his brow, and was about to say something else but was stopped by Edric. He turned around and said, “Brother Frank, please just stop there. Don’t forget we’re all a team and should have each other’s backs. I strongly suggest that you watch what you say from now on or else…I won’t help you with the thing that you want.”

Edric’s last sentence was filled with hidden implications. Frank pursed his lips, and unwillingly dropped down his head, and said, “Okay, Brother Edric.”

Edric heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Frank’s acquiescence. “I know you hold a very deep grudge against the Dual Sovereign Pavilion but you shouldn’t take it out on every Dual Sovereign Pavilion’s disciples that you meet.”

‘Ah, the grudge between him and the Dual Sovereign Pavilion explains why he was acting so offensively toward me. But he should take it out on the sect, not me or the other disciples.’ Thought Jackie. He made a mental note to himself to make Frank pay for all the things he said some other days.

They soon set eastward after Heath said a few more perfunctory things. It was their first time in the Secret Place for Resources so they were not familiar with the environment. The only thing they could do was to choose a direction and continue on that path with perseverance.

The hill was bigger than they imagined. After walking for two or three hours, they still could not see the edge. The rolling hills blocked most of their sight. Just to be on the safe side, they decided to go by foot instead of air and became exhausted after walking for so long

Jackie thought that it was nothing, but Frank started to complain. “Going on foot takes too long, and it doesn’t look like we’re going to reach the edge anytime soon. We should just go by air!”

Heath glanced sideways at Frank, and said, “No. Have you forgotten what happened when we tried to go by air? Yes, I admit it’s tiring to go by foot, but it’s also safer this way.”

Frank curled his lips in disapproval, and said in a low voice, “We were caught off guard before. We’ll just need to be more vigilant this time. Besides, it’s not like there will be so many dangers for us to run into.”

Heath frowned unhappily when he heard that. He was already a little annoyed by his non-stop talking, but still managed to squash down his frustration after reminding himself they were all in this together, and that they would need to work together In the face of danger.

Edric glanced at Frank and patted him on the shoulder. “You promised me you’ll keep your mouth shu… Huh? What is that over there?”

The surprise in his voice caught everyone’s attention. He took two quick steps forward, climbed to a nearby plateau, and pointed to a distance. “What Is that? It… it…it looks like a giant monster beast!”

Everyone climbed to the highest point of the hill, Looking in the direction of Edric’s finger, they saw a huge monster beast lying curled up on the ground at a distance of about 400 yards from them. However, they were too far away to identify what kind of monster beast it was. “Let’s go check it out!” said Byron excitedly.


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