No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2189

The way Heath made it sound was as if there was nothing suspicious about what he said, but it did not take a rocket scientist to figure out something was off with the whole arrangement. It was obvious that Heath only cared about his sect brothers and not the so-called ‘brother’ like Jackie.

“Hey, why are you looking at the three-headed wolf like that? Are the ground rules not to your liking? Don’t tell me you think everything rightfully belongs to you!” said Frank provocatively when he saw Jackie being all silent.

Jackie frowned, and he turned his darkened face toward Frank, who was arching his brow and looking at him contemptuously. Jackie scoffed, thinking that they must have thought he was a pushover. He was about to say something when Heath cut in,” Nonsense. Why would you say that when Brother Jackie didn’t even say anything? Besides, from the very first impression, I can tell that he’s the type that considers the overall situation. I’m sure he doesn’t have any ill-will toward us. Am I right, Brother Jackie?”

‘Considers the overall situation? Does that mean that I’ll be deemed unrighteous if my opinion differs from theirs? Wow, this Heath is quite the manipulator,’ thought Jackie. Then, he chuckled, and said, “I’m not really one to take the overall situation into consideration. The overall situation is quite reasonable so I don’t mind going along with it. However, I do wonder why you thought that I was unhappy with the ground rules when I didn’t say anything or showed any unhappiness on my face.”

The last sentence was, of course, directed at Frank. He narrowed his eyes and stuck out his neck like a cock ready for a fight. “Did you think that I didn’t see the look on your face just now? What do you take me for? A fool? You should be grateful that we’re willing to let an innate stage level kid like you join our team! I can’t believe after all that, you dare to look at the wolf like that.”

“Like what?” The lines on Jackie’s forehead got deeper and deeper. He had decided then and there that he would teach Frank a lesson if he did not give I tup.

“It was obvious from the look in your eyes that you want to claim the three-headed wolf for yourself. I’m really curious to know what the elders in the Dual Sovereign Pavilion are thinking. Why would they let an intermediate stage of an innate level kid like you enter when the quota is limited to twenty people? Could it be that the Dual Sovereign Pavilion has fallen so far that they lack a strong final stage of innate level disciples, so they had to use a kid like you to make up the numbers?”

Frank roared with laughter with unconcealed disdain after saying all that. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Jackie stepped forward and took out the black daggers from the Mustard Seed Spirit Ship.

Heath frowned and looked at Frank unhappily. He quickly walked up to him and pulled his shoulder.” Are you done? Brother Jackie didn’t say anything at all, so just shut up, okay? And you shouldn’t judge others by their cultivation level. You should know that masters could challenge those above their level.”


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