No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2188

Heath turned to Jackie. He laughed dryly to ease the tension. “Don’t mind him, Brother Jackie. He’s a quick talker, but he means no harm.”

Frank looked unhappy after hearing that, and wanted to say a few more words, but was stopped by Edric who was standing beside him. Edric frowned and shook his head discreetly at Frank, indicating to him to not start a dispute at this time. Frank breathed out deeply, trying to restrain his anger. He averted his eyes away from Jackie.

Jackie nodded noncommittally.

Heath took two steps forward and said again, “You’re one of us now that you’ve agreed to join us.”

His words were both hypocritical and highfalutin. Jackie would not take these words into his heart.

Heath then pointed at the dead three-headed wolf on the ground and said, “Since we’re all team members now, you’ll need to know some ground rules. Everyone is here to get their hands on some good items. Although we came here not long ago, we have already discovered some spirited grass and spirited herb and killed some monster beasts.

“All of these are good stuff. It was hard to equally divide the goods when there were four of us, so I made a small rule. When it comes to spirited grass and spirited herb, whoever saw it first has the claim to it. When it comes to monster beasts, the most valuable item will go to the one who made the most attack or gave the fatal blow. As for other things, we’ll cross the bridge when we come to it.”

Jackie just nodded and said nothing. However, in his heart, he started to analyze Heath. All the things he had mentioned sounded fair, but all those spirited grass, spirited herb, and the things on the monster beasts were only common items in the Secret Place for Resources. Naturally, they were there to find an uncommon master treasure.

According to legend, that place was an inheritance left by the ancient masters. Maybe they would find the inheritance of the ancient masters. When it came to that, how would it be distributed? Jackie was sure Heath would not be a pushover when it came to the more uncommon items.

Jackie was no fool; he would not be worthy of being called a human if he did not catch the hidden meaning behind Heath’s words. The fact that he said that they would all cross the bridge when it came to the other things meant that he was leaving a way out for himself.

Heath remained smiling amicably, like a fresh breath of air. “This three-headed wolf was slain by Brother Byron. We didn’t do anything so the spirited core and all the other valuable items on the wolf belong to him.”

After he said that, Byron did not even bother to see what the others were feeling before walking over to the three-headed wolf corpse. He took out a short blade from the storage ring, cut open the wolf’s abdomen very skillfully, and pulled out a light gray spirited core.

He took a piece of white rag, wiped off the blood on It, and stored the three-headed wolf’s spirited core into his storage ring in front of everyone. Nobody said a word throughout the whole process. The amicable smile never left Heath’s face as he swept his eyes across everyone.

Jackie arched his brow and looked at the three-headed wolf’s corpse silently. ‘This wolf would have died under my hand if these people didn’t show up just now.’ At this thought, he laughed bitterly to himself. “They knew that this wolf is an initial stage of innate level, which is something I can easily slay, and yet they still decided to snatch it from right under my nose. What ground rules? Those are just something they pulled out to make it so they could claim the wolf for themselves!”


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