No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2187

Frank’s face was slightly darkened when he heard how straightforward Jackie was. “You’re such a shameless boast. Who did you say will be bringing the other down? How dare you! Why don’t you open your eyes and take a good look! Look at your fighting prowess and our fighting prowess. Just now, we only took action because we thought that we would have another member who’s in the final stage of the innate level. However, we realized that you’re just a young man in the intermediate stage after we came closer.”

Jackie arched his brow when Frank turned aggressive; he kept making a scene out of Jackie’s fighting prowess to suppress him. Jackie did not wish to have a dispute with them if these two people had not provoked him. However, he was unable to withstand It any longer as Frank kept causing him trouble.” What’s the issue about the intermediate stage and final stage of the innate level? Do you think that you can walk around and do anything you want because you’re in the final stage of the innate level? To be honest, your fighting prowess means nothing to me. If you are unconvinced, just have a duel with me right now.“

Frank, who stood in front of Jackie, was at the same level as Oliver and Jackie really did not pay much attention to him. However, Frank was furious after he heard what Jackie said. He suddenly rushed forward and pointed at Jackie’s face. “What an arrogant young man! How dare you challenge me?! Alright! I shall show you the meaning of suppression from a higher realm!”

He touched his storage ring with his right hand and a three-foot-long sword appeared in his hand. The sword was red in color and looked like it was burning with endless flames.

Heath immediately rushed forward with a frown on his face and grabbed Frank’s right hand. “Let’s discuss this nicely and not fight among ourselves. Do you know what time it is right now?! If we really get into a fight, not only will it hurt our relationship, we would be suffering losses. Why don’t you guys think about it? This isn’t our respective sects and this place is filled with all sorts of danger. We have no idea when the enemies or strong monster beasts will appear. Hence, we definitely can’t start a fight among ourselves!”

Frank was so angry that the muscles on his face were slightly trembling. Heath held his right arm so tightly that he was unable to release his arm. He could only give up his plans of fighting with the young man in front of him. However, the look in his eyes grew increasingly fierce as he looked at Jackie. He looked like he was going to chop Jackie into pieces if Heath did not stop him.

Jackie sighed helplessly. He had no idea that he would be provoked by others when he had done nothing wrong. In fact, there was nothing wrong with how Jackie reacted. Frank took this opportunity to find fault with him because he had a lower fighting prowess and he was a disciple of the Dual Sovereign Pavilion.

Jackie sneered when he thought of this. “Senior Brother Heath is correct. This place is extremely dangerous and we won’t gain anything if we fight here. However, I’m not frightened if you wish to fight with me forcefully.”

Frank laughed coldly and a mocking look appeared in his eyes. He put away the sword he had in his hand and pulled his right hand out from Heath’s grip. He waved his sleeves and raised his chin arrogantly as he said to Jackie, “You have to thank Senior Brother Heath for coming forward to speak on your behalf. If not, what happened today will not end here.”

Jackie did not wish to argue with somebody like him. If he wanted to take action, Jackie would naturally show him what it meant to carry out challenges from a lower level.


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