No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2186

Heath Vay chuckled. “You don’t need to be afraid. This three-headed wolf is only at the initial stage of innate level and he’s extremely dumb. The wolf thinks that it’s invincible on this hill.”

Jackie relaxed when he heard what this person said. In the beginning, he suspected that the three-headed wolf was in the spring solidifying realm. After all, he was unable to assess the other party’s fighting prowess if they had a higher fighting prowess compared to him. However, it did not make sense for him to fail in identifying this three-headed wolf’s fighting prowess if the wolf was only in the initial stage of innate level.

Heath knew what Jackie was thinking from the expression on his face. A smile appeared as he explained, “The rules of this world’s heaven and earth are different from that of the outside world. You can’t use the old way to learn about the monster beast’s fighting prowess, but instead, you need to judge it by the aura they release.”

Jackie nodded as he was unable to completely understand what the man was talking about. In fact, both the Thousand Leaves Pavilion’s disciples treated him affectionately but the disciples from the Muddled Origin Clan looked at him in a slightly different manner. There was a hint of mockery in their eyes as they examined him. Jackie was not surprised when the disciples from the Muddled Origin Clan looked at him in such a way. After all, the Dual Sovereign Pavilion and the Muddled Origin Clan had a long history. It was natural for them to not have a good attitude toward him when they spotted the Dual Sovereign Pavilion’s costume on him.

After a brief introduction, everybody got to know each other. Among the two disciples from the Thousand Leaves Pavilion, the one who spoke to him was Heath Vay while the one standing behind was Byron Reid. As for the disciples from the Muddled Origin Clan, one of them was Frank Wack and Edric Law. Those two had an indifferent attitude toward Jackie. Jackie did not respond to their attitude and was indifferent toward them as well.

Heath chuckled and said while saluting with his hands, “Destiny gathered us here. We are still wandering among these hills after walking around for more than half a day. However, I received news from the elders that these mountains aren’t the only thing in the Secret Place for Resources. There are also continuous mountains and an endless piece of wasteland. If there aren’t any companions when traveling in this big piece of land, the dangers we face in the secret place might be life-threatening. Hence, I propose that we travel together. We shall treat each other sincerely and we will help one another when danger arises, am I right?”

When they took action to kill the three-headed wolf, Jackie had already guessed that they were here to form an alliance with him. Jackie frowned but did not immediately reply to Heath. He was used to traveling alone and he would be restricted if he traveled with others due to the number of secrets he was keeping.

However, this was an unfamiliar and dangerous place for Jackie. If he continued traveling alone, he might run into a dangerous situation that he was unable to resolve. If the five of them traveled together, their chances of survival would be higher. Jackie nodded earnestly when he thought of this.

However, the Muddled Origin Clan’s disciple, Frank, had already humphed coldly and started speaking before Jackie was able to speak. “Young man, what are you hesitating about? We are at the final stage of innate level and we’re at a disadvantage for bringing you, one who’s at the intermediate stage of innate level. How dare you hesitate? Do you think that we will cause you trouble?”

In fact, Jackie had only paused for around three breaths and he did not expect Frank to proactively find fault with him. Jackie glanced at Frank and he could see the frown on Frank’s face as he stared at Jackie in disdain. The expression on his face was accusing how ungrateful Jackie was.

Jackie sneered. “Everybody has their own concerns and there is nothing between us that can bring us down.”


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