No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2185

Nash looked at Jackie with widened eyes.

Jackie frowned as he lowered his voice. “Hurry back into the Mustard Seed. I can feel something approaching.”

Nash paled when he heard this. He dared not delay and immediately entered the Mustard Seed, leaving Jackie the only one left standing there.

Jackie frowned as he widened his eyes while scanning his surroundings. It was still the same uneven mountains and vast skies. After three breaths, the soft footsteps became clear ahead of him.

Jackie looked up and subconsciously inhaled. There was a slightly taller mountain 40 to 50 meters away from him, and a three-headed wolf stood on the mountain

This three-headed wolf was one-feet-tall and stood on the highest peak of the mountain, casting a shadow. The three wolf heads appeared to share the same body, and its six eyes stared straight at Jackie. The corners of Jackie’s mouth twitched as he subconsciously assessed the three-headed wolf’s fighting prowess…only to fail to determine its fighting prowess in the end.

Jackie was even more at a loss when he realized this.

He had gone through all the ancient scrolls to understand the Hestia Continent, but none of them described the three-headed wolf. This resulted in Jackie’s bewilderment, and doubt of actually defeating this beast rose within him.

Jackie inhaled deeply and took ten black daggers out from the Mustard Seed. The black daggers floated in mid-air as Jackie raised his hands. The black fog covered the ten black daggers, and they were like venomous fangs of a viper. 1

The three-headed wolf understood that Jackie was about to attack itself and glanced at Jackie from high above with its six eyes. A hint of disdain flashed through the wolf’s eyes, and the corners of Jackie’s mouth twitched helplessly. Had the three-headed wolf possibly broken through into the spring solidifying realm?

Why else would the wolf act in such a high and mighty manner? The three-headed wolf slowly prowled toward Jackie with steady steps. Jackie inhaled deeply as he wanted to test the three-headed wolf’s fighting prowess. If he was unable to defeat the wolf, he could turn around and escape without turning back!

Just when he was about to activate Destroying the Void, the sound of something traveling through the sky suddenly came from far away. A long arrow came shooting from far away with extreme speed. The arrow was surrounded by a circle of ghostly pale blue flames.

The three-headed wolf looked fierce and disdainful, even as the arrow came flying. All three wolf-heads opened their mouths at the same time and looked like they were about to perform their strongest attack. However, the long arrow was too fast, and before the three-headed wolf was capable of releasing its attack, the arrow covered in blue flames plunged into the middle-head audibly.

The three-headed wolf instantly let out a piercing scream and fell to the ground as it lost its balance. The wolf kept rolling around on the floor as if it wanted to try pulling the long arrow stuck in his head out.

“Are you alright, young brother?!” a comforting voice came from far away.

Jackie turned around to take a look and saw a man in the costume of the Thousand Leaves Pavilion’s formal disciples rushing toward him from afar. Jackie raised his eyebrows and did not put his weapon away.

Although this person was from the Thousand Leaves Pavilion, Jackie could not guarantee if this individual had ulterior motives. As he came closer, Jackie discovered that he was not alone; there were three more people following behind him. However, not all three of these men were disciples of the Thousand Leaves Pavilion. Two of them had on the costume of the Muddled Origin Clan’s formal disciples.

Jackie raised his brows in surprise and nodded to the person standing in front.


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