No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2184

What Howard had said implied that they had shown him some respect by asking him to give up the spot, yet Jackie failed to recognize their kindness by refusing

Jackie could not help but sneer. Some of these people were painfully peculiar, and they were always capable of coming up with some presumptuous reasons. Jackie only felt that they were ridiculous.

Nash’s expression darkened. “Why are these two people so despicable? What on earth are they talking about? Why should you give the spot to him? And you’re being unreasonable for not doing so? Who does he think he is?”

“He thinks that he’s a god and can step on anybody, but his plans are useless to me,” remarked Jackie with a cold expression on his face. Nash sighed helplessly and felt that nothing in this place was going smoothly. Things were so much simpler when they were in Daxia.

However, Jackie was so focused on pursuing the pinnacle of martial arts, and he definitely could not say anything discouraging.

Nash turned and looked at Jackie with a serious expression on his face. “You have to be careful after you enter the secret place. Be on your best guard as those two brothers will surely trouble you there.”

Jackie nodded and looked around him. He sighed helplessly, unable to form his thoughts with what Elder Godfrey did. The elder reminded him of so many things but had forgotten about the most important part…

Jackie had no idea on how to enter the space caves, more so had Griffin not display how to do so just moments ago.

It turned out that the space around him was filled with space caves. However, one had to stimulate the surrounding space with his true energy to find the middle point of the space caves.

Just moments ago, the Olsen brothers appeared so soundlessly because Jackie was surrounded by space caves that could block a person’s sight and sound. This was a place with mountains of uneven height. The land was covered with weed, and he raised his head to see a huge tree. However, the mountains blocked a large area, and he could see no further.

Jackie looked up and was unable to see the sun, but his surroundings were bright like it was noon. Jackie turned around in place and got familiar with his surroundings, exhaling deeply upon not sensing any form of danger.

This was the legendary Secret Place for Resources. With the Mustard Seed as his tool, Jackie was able to bring everybody in the Mustard Seed into the area, even though he only had one entry token.

Nash continued to stand by Jackie’s side. He looked at the uneven mountains surrounding them and said, We’re lucky that we weren’t transported to some extremely dangerous area. We’d be terribly unlucky if so.”

Jackie knelt and simply picked a small piece of weed up efore placing it under his nose to give it a sniff. He then rubbed the weed in his hands.

Nash chuckled and said helplessly, “Why are you acting like a child when you’re already at this age?”

Jackie chuckled and replied, “I just wanted to check if this world is real.”

Nash could not help but frown when he heard this.” What do you think?”

Jackie flicked the weed away before taking out a piece of tissue to wipe the dirt and green leaves on his hand. “It should be real. However, I question the authenticity of the area. The feeling is too realistic.”

Nash felt that he was at a loss when he heard what Jackie said. The corners of his mouth twitched helplessly. He was about to say something when Jackie suddenly grabbed his arm.


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