No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2183

Jackie, however, merely smirked, nowhere scared or intimidated

“B*stard!” roared Griffin. “How dare you disrespect me! I’m going to kill you!”

With that, Griffin activated his true energy and was about to attack Jackie when Howard, who stood behind Griffin, grabbed his brother’s shoulder when he noticed Griffin was about to attack. “Brother, this isn’t the time to fight! No matter what, we’re disciples from the same sect, and we’re surrounded by space caves. If the space around us is disrupted, a person might suddenly appear out of nowhere. By then, news of what happened to this guy might spread. I’m sure you know the rules of our sect: you’ll be punished if he dies or is badly wounded by your hand.”

The Dual Sovereign Pavilion forbade their disciples from killing one another at places outside of their sect

Griffin’s face was slightly pale as he stared at Jackie. The muscles on his face slightly trembled. “Don’t get too cocky, b*stard. I may not be able to kill you now, but this doesn’t mean that your luck will stay up after leaving the secret place! On top of that, I’m not the only one who wants to kill you. You’ve offended so many people, and you may just perish before I can do anything to you!”

The sword in Griffin’s hands once again returned to the sheath with a wave of his sleeve. He sneered and looked around before moving his hands, activating his true energy and punching the space before him.

Ripples appeared in the space in front of him. A flash of happiness flashed past Griffin’s eyes as he walked toward the area where the ripples were most apparent. Griffin took out his entry token and pushed it forward.

The entry token looked like it had been dropped into water as it was swallowed by the space in front of him.

The next moment, a bright light shone over Griffin and he disappeared in front of them. Howard seemed unsurprised by what happened.

He turned to look at Jackie. “Are you wondering why I’m here, even though there aren’t any spots left for me?”

Jackie pursed his lips speechlessly. He was definitely curious, but the thought had just flashed past his mind and he did not wish to get to the bottom of it. However, Howard spoke as if Jackie was extremely eager to find out what was going on.

Jackie scoffed and did not even spare a glance at Howard, yet Howard could tell Jackie was all too curious of the reason. He thus smirked and turned to face Jackie. “Our family has certain power in the Dual Sovereign Pavilion, and it isn’t difficult for me to obtain a spot as long as I want it. My brother tried to preserve your prestige by asking you to give up the spot, yet you turned us down… You truly can’t differentiate good from bad.”

With that, Howard took his entry token before Jackie managed to say anything. He let the entry token combine with the space caves before the light also covered his entire body. He, just like Griffin, disappeared into the space cave and entered the Secret Place for Resources.

The corners of Jackie’s mouth twitched speechlessly. Both the brothers of the Olsen family had the same temperament. They were eccentric and unreasonable.


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