No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2182

“A terrible battle might happen by then, and the people from the Corpse Pavilion will also be involved. The environment will be extremely terrible when we go in.”

Nash grew increasingly worried when he heard this. He stopped walking and stretched out his hand to tug at Jackie’s arm. “If that’s the case, why do you want to go in? You might run into all sorts of danger after you go in. Aren’t you afraid? You’re not the strongest…”

“I’m definitely afraid, but I can’t stop here just because of my fear. Martial arts is a journey of going against nature to change our lives. If we don’t go against nature and move forward, we’ll only be mediocre.”

Nash could only sigh helplessly when he heard this. He said nothing and continued following behind Jackie as they headed toward the Secret Place for Resources. Jackie took the map out for reference for every 50 meters they traveled. Elder Godfrey personally drew this map for Jackie, and it was to provide guidance to Jackie on the position of the Secret Place for Resources.

Jackie looked at the map in detail, and after some time, he remarked, “We’re correct; this should be the place…but why does it seem so lacking? All I see here is sand.”

Nash also moved closer and looked on the map, even though he did not understand the map. At this moment, an obvious mocking sneer could be heard from behind them.

Jackie was startled at this and turned to look back…to see a familiar face.


Jackie had never imagined that he would bump into Griffin in this place. After all, nobody apart from Elder Godfrey knew that he had come out from the Dual Sovereign Pavilion, and he should not have run into Griffin. There was another man beside Griffin, and they had similar facial features.

The name ‘Howard Olsen’ subconsciously appeared in Jackie’s thoughts after he saw this person. Was this Howard? However, Elder Godfrey had informed him previously that there are only 20 tokens, and after he took up one of the spots, only the top six formal disciples would be chosen. It had nothing to do with Howard.

Griffin scoffed indignantly and walked two steps forward. He sized Jackie up with a mocking look in his eyes. “Who would’ve expected for us to have such a great fate? I never expected to meet you here.”

Jackie frowned as shock overwhelmed him. Truth be told, the surprise did not come just because he bumped into Griffin and his brother here; it was because he failed to notice anybody around him and did not even pick up the sound of footsteps. It seemed like the Olsen brothers suddenly appeared behind his back, which creeped out Jackie.

However, Griffin failed to realize what Jackie was thinking of.

He glanced at Nash, who stood behind Jackie. “Who’s this? He’s only in the final stage of the acquired level. Is he your errand man? If that’s the case, this will be even mode hilarious. Are you unable to take care of yourself? Why do you need to bring an errand man with you to such a place?”

Jackie’s anger exploded when he heard this. Jackie could still hold himself back if they were just jabbing at himself, but what Griffin said was aimed at Nash.

Jackie narrowed his eyes and pulled Nash behind him. “You better watch what you’re saying; stop saying everything that comes to mind like that. What does what I do have to do with you? Keep your nose out of my business. If you have that much time in your hands, help someone walk their dog, and don’t come barking by my ears.”

Although Jackie’s words were nowhere vulgar, they were bluntly rebuking Griffin.

Griffin’s face blushed a crimson color as he had never experienced such treatment. He stretched out his right hand, and his sword was unleashed from its sheath audibly. The silver sword shone brightly under the sun. Griffin held the sword with his right hand and pointed it at Jackie’s face.


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