No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2181

Jackie’s expression darkened when he heard Elder Godfrey’s explanation. “Does this mean that this Secret place for Resources welcomes the entry of us outsiders? Is it possible that the place was left behind by some ancient master, and he did this in search of his inheritor?”

Elder Godfrey nodded. “I highly recommend that you go into the place because my deduction is that the Secret Place for Resources is an inheritance left behind by an ancient master.”

Jackie exhaled deeply. Elder Godfrey raised his hand and patted him on the shoulder. “Don’t give yourself too much pressure. If you run into danger, remember that your safety is more important, and you shouldn’t act impulsively.”

After he said this, Elder Godfrey touched the Tortoise Ring on his left hand with his right hand. Jackie only saw a flash of black light before a token the size of his palm appeared in Elder Godfrey’s hand. The token was of a weird shape, and it was filled with engravings of all kinds of incomprehensible runes and spells. There was even a faint flash of red colored light in it.

Elder Godfrey looked at the entry token for some time before placing it in Jackie’s hands after sighing softly. “You can enter the Secret Place for Resources through the space caves at any time with this token.”

Jackie nodded and tightened his grasp on the entry token.

Elder Godfrey glanced at Jackie and added, “I don’t recommend others traveling with you, and you have to turn down anyone searching for you. I think that you should enter the secret place on your own. Even If you entered the space cave with company, you’d be separated by the chaotic space and be sent to different areas in the secret place. Hence, it’s useless to travel with others. The companionship will only be helpful if you meet other people in the secret place and form them there.”

They would be separated and be sent to other places when traveling into the Secret Place for Resources through the space caves. If that was the case, it really did not make much sense to travel with others. Only the people he met in the secret place could be regarded as his companions.

Elder Godfrey picked up the teapot and poured tea for them both. “The human heart has been unpredictable since ancient times. We can’t simply trust anyone, even if they’re our sect brothers. When you encounter something valuable, your relationship will become as brittle as window paper, and a mere breeze will tear it apart. He’ll instantly turn into your enemy.”

Jackie nodded and said, “I understand what you mean. Don’t worry- I didn’t plan to travel with others.”

Two days later, Jackie finally arrived at his destination after being transported several times by the transporter. It was a plot of desert land in the north west direction of the West Cercei State, which was the only desert in the entire state. Unexpectedly, the Secret Place for Resources was hidden in this piece of desert, and the sun high in the sky scorched the land.

Jackie walked across the desert with Nash by his side. After all, they were outside the Dual Sovereign Pavilion, and there were not that many scruples.

Nash knew that after what happened these couple of days, the remaining journey was still worrisome. He sighed helplessly. “Forgive my nags, but I think that this journey to the Secret Place for Resources might be challenging, and you need to be incredibly careful.”

Jackie chuckled and said, “I’m sure that a lot will happen, and I’m not taking this trip like a walk in the park. I’m going on a treasure hunt, and since we’re on a treasure hunt, we’ll definitely be fighting with others over precious treasures.”


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