No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2180

Jackie arched his brow in surprise when he heard this. Since they were entering the Secret Place for Resources together, they had to wait together at the location where the secret place was to be activated. By then, elders or sect heads would inevitably be visiting the place together with them.

Elder Godfrey knew that Jackie had the wrong idea in mind just by looking at his expression. He chuckled and explained, “The method of us entering the Secret Place for Resources is different from what you think it is. We don’t need to gather on one spot to activate the Secret Place for Resources. Instead, we can enter at will as long as we own the entry token.”

This was out of Jackie’s understanding, Jackie had assumed that the activation of all secret places required a large number of spirited stones or spirited crystals. The space cave required the support of sufficient energy to allow entry for those who wished to enter.

Elder Godfrey started explaining to Jackie in a good tempered manner, “This Secret Place for Resources Is quite special as it’s located at the northwest corner of the West Cercei State. This secret place is separated from our space, and one has to go through the space cave if they wish to enter the area. There are a couple hundred space caves within a ten-meter radius of a specific location. You only need to have the entry token to enter the space cave. Of course, those who wish to enter have to fulfill the restriction of fighting prowess. If not, one can never enter the secret place, even if he owned an entry token.”

This gave Jackie a general understanding of what was happening. This meant that the Secret Place for Resources was invisible to the human eye unless one entered the area. As the secret place was an individual space, they had to search for space caves at the specific location and enter the space cave with the entry token.

Still, questions rose within Jackie. “Those who own the entry token are able to enter the Secret Place for Resources through the space cave. If so, who made these entry tokens? Could it be a powerful master from the Thousand Leaves Pavilion of sorts? If they’re able to create these entry tokens, why don’t they make more, and they wouldn’t need to restrict the number of people entering the area.”

Elder Godfrey spoke helplessly, “You’re considering It too simply. If it’s really just like what you said, there won’t be anything worth worrying about as all the sects can create the entry tokens. In that way, we can send as many people into the secret place and spend as much time inside. There won’t be any limitation on time and number of people.”

Jackie could not help but frown when he heard this.” Then who created the entry tokens? Is it the Corpse Pavilion?!”

Upon saying that, Jackie felt like laughing at himself and immediately shook his head to reject the idea.” It’s not the Corpse Pavilion, for sure, or the Thousand Leaves Pavilion would’ve lost their position a long time ago if that’s the case. Are you trying to say that the masters of the fourth-grade sects are incapable of creating the entry tokens?”

Elder Godfrey nodded and did not continue wasting time on nonsense with Jackie. He straightforwardly answered, “The entry tokens aren’t created by anybody; it’s proactively released by the Secret Place for Resources.”

Jackie was stunned when he heard what the elder said. The Secret Place for Resources was capable of releasing items? The more he listened to it, the more bizarre things seemed to be.

Elder Godfrey knew what Jackie was thinking about when he saw the look in Jackie’s eyes.

Elder Godfrey chuckled and picked up his teacup to sip at his tea. “I was just as surprised when I heard the news, but this is the truth. Our elders personally saw these entry tokens being released from the nearby space caves when we discovered the Secret Place for Resources. It rushed outward so abruptly, as if somebody was throwing them out.”


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