No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2179

Jackie chuckled as he slightly raised his chin. “What’s so frightening about a person who only knows how to parade his power and fight without converging his thoughts?”

Elder Godfrey nodded at Jackie’s comments about Griffin; they were no doubt accurate. “In that case, why do you look rather troubled? Is something occupying you?”

Jackie did not hide his thoughts and nodded. “My thoughts went to the Second Elder because of Griffin. What the Second Elder said on the round platform has left a deep impression, and I feel that it’d be difficult to handle him. I didn’t say this in hopes of causing you trouble. I just think that it’s rather unwise for you to offend both elders at the same time. The First Elder is fine, but the Second Elder is difficult to handle.”

Jackie spoke with such sincerity that Elder Godfrey nodded. He naturally took what Jackie said into his heart. He moved over and looked at Jackie before stretching out his hand to slightly pat Jackie on his shoulder. “I know you mean well with what you said. In fact, I’ve already made the necessary considerations and you’re right. Compared to the First Elder, it’s much more difficult to handle the Second Elder. However, I’m really unlucky. As the Eleventh Elder, I’m a person who’s capable of disturbing the peace. The Second Elder will still do something against me if he isn’t completely certain that he can gain my support. If so, then I have nothing to worry about. Since the two of them will do something to me sooner or later, why should I bend to their will?”

Jackie nodded softly. His eyes flickered as a hesitant expression appeared on his face.

Elder Godfrey glanced at him and said softly, “I know what you’re thinking, but I don’t wish to be a lackey. I didn’t practice martial arts to listen to others. If I choose a side now and become a lackey to one of those two, that’d be going against my way of practicing martial arts. This is something I can never do.”

A slightly imposing look appeared in Jackie’s eyes. He admired how Elder Godfrey handled things. He would rather become their enemy or hide far away instead of becoming their lackey and do things for them.

Elder Godfrey sighed softly. “I’ve involved you in this matter by accepting you as my last disciple, but I have no choice but to do this as our relationships might be discovered sooner or later. Instead of waiting for them to take action against you by then, I’d rather take you in earlier. This can be considered as providing you with protection, and I can help you gain lots of benefits.”

Elder Godfrey smiled bitterly and continued, “I know that my actions might bring disaster, but I no longer care about that right now. Once I think that I’m unable to stay here, I will leave the Dual Sovereign Pavilion. I investigated you as a person, and I know you’re rather like my character.”

Jackie nodded at that. “I’ll follow you if you truly leave the Dual Sovereign Pavilion,” he declared, and Elder Godfrey nodded gratifyingly.

The two of them picked up their respective cups and took a sip. Jackie laughed bitterly and shook his head as if he had remembered something.

Elder Godfrey glanced at Jackie in surprise and asked, “What are you laughing at?”

Jackie answered, “I’m thinking of how the Thousand Leaves Pavilion and Corpse Pavilion’s upper management will react when they meet each other on the day we enter the Secret Place for Resources. That’d be very memorable, I’ll say. The enemies meet one another, but they can’t do anything about it. They can only hold all their anger in their hearts…”

Elder Godfrey arched his brow and slightly thought about it. He placed the teacup down and said seriously, “You’re wrong; we won’t be meeting one another.”


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