No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2178

Jackie raised his brows and suddenly felt like he had been subjected to an experiment like a lab rat. The 20 people chosen were quite strong, and they were not chosen disciples, so they could be chosen as the guinea pigs for this experiment. The remaining seven chosen disciples might enter the Secret Place for Resources sooner or later. However, these people might enter the secret place after they had left the place.

At this moment, Jackie suddenly remembered diffin, who came to Jackie because of the quota. He wanted Jackie to give up entering the Secret Place for Resources and gave the spot to his younger brother.

Jackie suddenly asked, “Is Griffin’s brother in seventh place among the formal disciples?

Elder Godfrey chuckled and nodded, “You’re quite sharp. Griffin’s brother, Howard Olsen, is in seventh place among the formal disciples. Without you, there will be seven quotas for the formal disciples to enter the Secret Place for Resources. However, since you became my last disciples, I’d fight for a position for you. After all, you’re an elder disciple now, and all the other elders fought for a spot for their disciples. Since you obtained a position, the number of formal disciples would be one less.”

Jackie nodded. He finally understood what was happening.

Elder Godfrey chuckled and added, “Every formal elder will send one of their elder disciples into the Secret Place for Resources. I’m sure you know that the formal elders have more than one elder disciple. However, I only recruited you, so I can only send you.”

Jackie nodded and did not continue arguing on the matter. Instead, he asked something else, “In that case, will Griffin enter the secret place?”

Elder Godfrey focused his gaze on Jackie. “He’ll be there, yes. Although I don’t know much about the disciples in our sect, I have some impressions about Griffin as he’s a competitive person who bullies the weak. He’d surely fight for such a great opportunity.”

Jackie nodded. Griffin was a blunt person, and his character was apparent in just a short conversation. If he did not have the support of his own talents, he would have died a long time ago. Sometimes, there was no need to pay too much attention to people like him. The more troublesome people were the Second Elder and Elder Sayer.

Jackie had only met the Second Elder once. The First and Second Elders had lengthy conversations on the round platform the other day. They completely ignored the people present and laundred their interaction in front of all the disciples. Although the First Elder had his prestige as the First Elder, Jackie felt that the Second Elder was the most troublesome among them.

The First Elder said such insulting words, but the Second Elder was completely unfazed by what he heard. The Second Elder seemed like a crafty person as he was able to control his emotions, speak justifiably, and act tactically.

If the First Elder was a fierce tiger in the mountains, the Second Elder was a venomous snake hidden in the darkness. One only needed to be smart and have the correct weapons when facing a fierce tiger, but one would never know when the venomous snake would lunge and bite. Its poison would kill a person at any time.

Jackie frowned as he slightly turned pale.

Elder Godfrey looked at Jackie in a slightly surprised manner. “Don’t tell me that you’re actually afraid of Griffin.”


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