No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2177

“If these entry tokens were given to the Corpse Pavilion by the Thousand Leaves Pavilion, does this mean that both sects have already come to some sort of agreement?”

Elder Godfrey nodded, and there was a weird expression on his face. He seemed to be lamenting and, at the same time, tongue-tied. “You thought right. The Thousand Leaves Pavilion was the one who gave the entry token to the Corpse Pavilion. The hilarious part is that not only was the Corpse Pavilion given 50 spots…, but those two third-grade sects in the south under the Corpse Pavilion’s control also have 20 spots like us. This means that the sects from the north and south have the same number of spots.”

Jackie’s expression morphed into one that could not be read upon hearing this. He obviously did not understand what the Thousand Leaves Pavilion had In mind based on their actions. Didn’t they know that doing this was lauding the enemy’s spirit and belittling their own? They distributed the resources so averagely, and nobody was at an advantage.

Elder Godfrey chuckled softly. “Are you unable to understand what’s going on? I was just as puzzled when I first received the news. I couldn’t understand what the old men from the Thousand Leaves Pavilion were thinking. Didn’t they know that they’ll lose the restriction once they enter the Secret Place for Resources, that they’ll be killing disciples recklessly? Disciples from the south won’t hold back when going against our disciples from the north. A large number of our people might just die in that secret place.”

Jackie nodded. “You’re right. Not only will we lose the restrictions once we enter the Secret Place for Resources, but we’ll get into bigger battles when fighting for precious items because we belong to different sects, too. There aren’t any benefits of allowing them into the secret place. However, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the upper management of the Thousand Leaves Pavilion, and I’m sure they have their reason for doing so.”

Elder Godfrey sighed softly, picked up his cup, and took a sip of his tea. Jackie glanced at Elder Godfrey and asked, “You still haven’t told me who from our sect is going.”

Elder Godfrey chuckled before replying to Jackie’s question, “We’re sending three chosen disciples, eleven elder disciples, and six formal disciples in the top six positions.”

Jackie blinked in surprise when he heard this. “We’re only sending three chosen disciples into the place?” Jackie was surprised by what he heard. After all, the Secret Place for Resources was a place with a low level of danger, and there would definitely be great items inside. It was possible that this place was left behind by the ancient master in search of people to inherit the things he left behind.

In that case, they should have reserved ten spots and sent all the chosen disciples into the secret place. Why did they only send three chosen disciples?

Elder Godfrey glanced at Jackie. “The chosen disciples are extremely important to a sect, and there might be several future formal or informal elders among those ten chosen disciples. Although this place looks promising, we can’t send so many chosen disciples into the area as nobody knows how the place is. Only you will be the judge of that place after you enter.”

Jackie’s expression darkened when he heard this. In fact, the consideration of the sect’s upper management was correct. Although they proved how dangerous the place was with puppets, they could not draw conclusions just from this. Although the Secret Place for Resources seemed to be a safe place, chosen disciples were the lifeline of a sect, and the upper management naturally could not use them as subjects in the experience.

Losing too many chosen disciples in the secret place would absolutely be irreparable bad news to a sect


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