No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2176

“There’s a limitation of realms for those who wish to enter the Secret Place for Resources. Those with a fighting prowess higher than the final stage of innate level will be blocked outside the secret place. Only martial artists in the final stage of innate level or lower are allowed into the Secret Place for Resources. On top of that, those who wish to enter the secret place need to have the entry token. Nobody can enter the secret place without the entry token, and that’s why there’s a restriction on the quota. I fought a spot for you, and I hope you won’t let it go to waste.”

This excited Jackie, and a radiant look flashed past his eyes after he heard Elder Godfrey’s description. If there was a limitation on their fighting prowess, he would not be in such great danger after he entered the secret place. The only problems he might face might be from the secret place itself.

He could not help but sit up straight when he thought of this. His eyes were fixated on the camphor behind Elder Godfrey, and Elder Godfrey could not help but chuckle when he saw Jackie’s expression. He pushed the cup of tea toward Jackie and wanted him to drink the tea. “Drink some tea and calm down. I know that you’re thinking about how you’ll be able to have great achievements in the Secret Place for Resources after you hear about this limitation. However, I have to advise you to remain calm no matter where you’re heading next.”

Jackie lifted the teacup and took a huge sip. He exhaled deeply before he suddenly said, “I believe that the Thousand Leaves Pavilion had sent someone, at least, to check the danger inside.”

Elder Godfrey’s eyes lit up. “You are quite smart. Since they’re sending their excellent disciples into the secret place, they’ll definitely check the area to ensure the safety of these disciples. In total, the Muddled Origin Clan, Dual Sovereign Pavilion, and the Thousand Leaves Pavilion sent a hundred puppets in the intermediate stage of innate level into the Secret Place for Resources. Out of the hundred puppets, more than seventy of them came back, which means that the depreciation rate is around thirty percent. The disciples we send are naturally excellent disciples of our sect. They’re much stronger than the puppets in the intermediate stage o finnate level. Your depreciation rate will also be about ten to twenty percent lower. This means that most of you will return. I’ve arranged for you to go in because it’s extremely safe.”

Jackie blinked as he relished what the Elder Godfrey had said. A depreciation rate of 10 to 20 percent was impressively low. So long as he kept himself disciplined and avoid being cannon fodder after he went in, he should be able to leave the place safely. The Secret Place for Resources was truly a great place for Jackie.

Elder Godfrey frowned. “Don’t think that the Secret Place for Resources is paradise and you can run around because of the low depreciation rate, still. More than seventy of the puppets were able to return because their mission was to investigate what’s inside the secret place. After you and the other disciples go in, you may just end up in an extremely dangerous spot because of the precious treasures inside. You mustn’t act compulsively and end up dying.”

Jackie nodded. He knew that Elder Godfrey was saying this for his own good. The elder was afraid that Jackie would act impulsively and put himself in danger. However, Jackie was not the kind of person who would endanger himself for some small benefits.

Jackie frowned and asked, “How many quotas did our sect obtain? Who’s going?”

Elder Godfrey replied, “Third-grade sects were given twenty spots. The Thousand Leaves Pavilion was given fifty spots, and the Corpse Pavilion also has fifty spots.”

Jackie was slightly stunned when he heard this. “The Corpse Pavilion also has fifty spots? You mentioned that the entry tokens are required to enter the Secret Place for Resources. Was the Corpse Pavilion also given entry tokens?”


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