No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2175

The corners of Elder Godfrey’s mouth slightly twitched as he tapped on the table with his fingers.” What are you thinking of? What is that weird expression for?”

Jackie snapped out of his thoughts when he heard Elder Godfrey sid. He coughed softly and touched his nose to hide his slightly embarrassed expression again. “It’s nothing. I’m just wondering why something like this was left behind by ancient masters in the West Cercei State.”

Elder Godfrey raised his brows. “You’re not the only one troubled by this as everybody who knew about this matter wondered about it. Something huge must’ve happened at the West Cercei State a long time ago and caused the master to pass down his inheritance here.”

Jackie nodded and asked with a hint of surprise in his voice, “Since this is an inherited place, why is it addressed as the Secret Place for Resources? Does the upper management of the Thousand Leaves Pavilion plan to confuse others with the name?”

Elder Godfrey glanced at Jackie and simply shook his head. “That’s not the case. In fact, both the upper management of the Thousand Leaves Pavilion and the elders of our Dual Sovereign Pavilion have no idea why the Secret Place for Resources was left behind. Some people said that this used to be the residence of the ancient master, while others said that the ancient master did this to search for a suitable inheritor to take over his powers. There are all sorts of interpretations, but I think that this is the inheritance left behind by the ancient masters.”

Jackie nodded and did not press on with his questions regarding this matter, to which Elder Godfrey looked at Jackie in surprise.

Others would have continued asking questions until they got to the bottom of things, but Jackie seemed like he was not interested in the matter. “Aren’t you curious as to why I fought for a spot on your behalf?”

Jackie nodded. He was certainly curious, but there were so many questions running in his mind that he did not have time to think about this issue. He was focused on other issues, too. Since Elder Godfrey had brought up the matter, he naturally went with the flow and asked, “I am, actually, and I am waiting for you to continue talking about it.”

Elder Godfrey could not help but roll his eyes at Jackie, not believing in his response. However, he did not wish to make a fuss over this with Jackie. When he was about to continue speaking, Jackie suddenly looked up as if he had a sudden realization. “Since this Secret Place for Resources is left behind by ancient masters, there must be lots of precious items inside. No matter how much the upper management cares about the sect’s disciples, none of them would be able to consider their disciples when facing such precious items.”

Jackie spoke tactfully, but he actually wanted to ask why they were allowed to enter the Secret Place for Resources. After all, this was something left behind by ancient masters, and they were considered precious items to the masters of the West Cercei State. Should the elders not take over the area by themselves?

Elder Godfrey raised his brows and glanced at Jackie praisingly. Jackie was a smart young man, indeed.” You are right. If the old men were able to obtain the items by themselves, there wouldn’t be anything left for you people. The reason they are in such a hurry to arrange for disciples to enter the Secret Place for Resources was that it isn’t a place everybody could enter. There are many limitations in that place, and we’re not allowed to enter the secret place.”

Jackie was even more puzzled when he heard this. Elder Godfrey was not someone who would withhold information. He would naturally explain things to Jackie, since they were already at this point of the conversation.


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