No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2174

“Why would the Thousand Leaves Pavilion do so? What difficulties are they facing that require the cooperation of the Corpse Pavilion? Are they hoping that the Corpse Pavilion will spearhead the matter? Those in the Corpse Pavilion aren’t fools, though, and they’ll also notice issues if they investigate the matter. Once they discover the issues, the Corpse Pavilion won’t cooperate obediently with the Thousand Leaves Pavilion,” spoke Jackie rather excitedly

Elder Godfrey nodded. “You’ve gotten to the most important point. In fact, I can’t make out the reasons for these questions right now. I only know that the news was spread by the Thousand Leaves Pavilion themselves, but I’m not sure why they did it.”

Elder Godfrey paused before he continued, “Look, even you have thought of these questions. I believe the old fellows definitely have thought about them, too. Nonetheless, I’m sure they have their own reasons to insist on doing this. The Secret Place for Resources isn’t a place we can enter as we like. Every sect has its corresponding quota, and that’s why Griffin would snatch the position from you for his brother.”

Jackie thought about it for some time and did not immediately continue the conversation. He finally spoke after some time, “What’s inside the Secret Place for Resources? In the beginning, our sect is fighting with the Muddled Origin Clan for the secret place. After that, the Thousand Leaves Pavilion discovered something, so we stopped the battle between us and the Muddled Origin Clan to take over the secret place.”

Elder Godfrey was slightly stunned after he heard |Jackie’s inquiries. He raised his hand to pour himself another cup of tea. “According to the situation I inquired about, the Secret Place for Resources was passed down by an ancient master. On top of that, it’s highly likely that this ancient master isn’t from our Hestia Continent. I think the Secret Place for Resources has been passed down by a master from a world that is far more developed in terms of their martial art culture compared to our Hestia Continent.”

Elder Godfrey looked up toward Jackie after he finished speaking. He originally thought that Jackie would be greatly shocked by what he said. After all, even he was shocked and could not control his expression upon learning how the secret place was passed down by an ancient master. However, Elder Godfrey was stunned when he saw Jackie’s facial expression; he was not even shocked in the slightest. Instead, Jackie’s face was filled with curiosity.

What was he curious about? Was he wondering about the ancient master’s name? Should he not have been shocked when he heard the news?

Elder Godfrey coughed softly and interrupted Jackie’s rampantly running, causing Jackie to snap out of it and looking rather sheepish. “You mean that this Secret Place for Resources was passed on by an ancient master who’s much stronger than the masters of our Hestia Continent?”

Elder Godfrey nodded.

Jackie’s eyes glanced around as what he encountered at Mount Beasts flashed past his thoughts. He was forced to jump down from the Cliff of Sorrows, was trapped in the Ten Absolutes Trap Array, and encountered the skeleton covered in robes after he escaped the Ten Absolutes Trap Array.

At that time, Jackie inferred that the skeleton did not belong to the West Cercei State or even the Hestia Continent, especially when the person had the Ancient Eclipse Dragon’s blood in his hand and the Shattered Soul Crystals scattered around his right hand. These items did not belong to the Hestia Continent, and they were incredibly precious even in first-grade worlds.

Oh top of that, the Ten Absolutes Trap Array that contained them also did not belong to this world. These questions had long been raised in his heart, but all this while, he temporarily suppressed these doubts as he did not receive further information.

However, he knew in his heart that something huge must have happened in the West Cercei State a long time ago, causing things that should not have appeared in this place to constantly appear.


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