No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2173

However, Jackie did not expect that the people who framed Elder Godfrey were the First and Second Elders. The two of them were incompatible during any other day, and Jackie was rather surprised by the fact that they would temporarily join forces to frame Elder Godfrey

Elder Godfrey exhaled deeply. “I’ve already figured a way out for myself, and I’ve also thought about the way out for you. Some things are unavoidable even if I wish to avoid them. As the results will be the same, it’s better to live happily than living a vexed life.”

Jackie nodded deeply as he agreed with what Elder Godfrey said. Elder Godfrey chuckled, shook his head, and said solemnly, “Let’s not talk about these miscellaneous matters. I have something important to tell you right now.”

“The spot to enter the Secret Place for Resources, yes?” Jackie blurted out without waiting for Elder Godfrey to continue speaking.

Elder Godfrey raised his brows and glanced at Jackie in surprise. “How did you learn about that? I’ve just learned about this recently, and according to those people’s virtue, they would’ve asked their subordinates to keep it a secret. Surprisingly, news of this has been spread, it seems.”

Jackie’s lips twitched reluctantly before he simply described what he experienced before he entered the Mysterious Green Hall to Elder Godfrey.

Elder Godfrey sneered coldly after he heard what happened. “So it was Griffin Olsen. He’s always been like that; acting domineeringly due to the fact that he was a chosen disciple. His characteristics and your temperament would definitely end badly sooner or later. Since he said that he won’t let you off the hook, you should do the same.”

Jackie smiled helplessly when he heard this. Usually, would the support not stand forth and protect those under their care from harm? It looked like Elder Godfrey did not plan to do so.

Elder Godfrey seemed to be oblivious about Jackie’s struggle as he continued, “I’ve finally understood the stories behind some of the things that happened, and I’ve made my guesses as to why the Thousand Leaves Pavilion would act as if they didn’t see the members of the Corpse Pavilion. The Thousand Leaves Pavilion is carrying out a chest game, and every step they take is a gamble with much to lose.”

Jackie shot up upon hearing Elder Godfrey’s meaningful words.

The elder continued, “The reason they allowed the Corpse Pavilion to come to the North is due to their inability to take over the entire resources by themselves. Hence, they needed more people to share the Secret Place for Resources.”

Jackie was slightly confused by this and could not help but ask, “Since they can’t take over the entire area, they can just do it slowly. After all, the Secret Place for Resources is located on our North side. As long as we don’t disclose the news and keep our guards up, we can slowly harvest the secret place. That would’ve solved the problem, wouldn’t it?”

Elder Godfrey sighed and said helplessly, “It’d be great if matters were as simple as you’ve mentioned. The upper management of the Thousand Leaves Pavilion definitely have thought about this as even you were able to come up with this idea. After I dug deep into things, I discovered that the news regarding the Secret Place for Resources had been spread by the Thousand Leaves Pavilion. They personally informed the Corpse Pavilion about it.”

Jackie’s expression turned into a solemn one when he heard this. At this moment, he had gradually understood some things that made no sense in the past. If the Thousand Leaves Pavilion personally informed the Corpse Pavilion about this, they must have done it to gain the Corpse Pavilion’s corporation or they wished to achieve some goals by using the Corpse Pavilion. In that case, the upper management of the Thousand Leaves Pavilion would ignore the Corpse Pavilion’s petty actions in Mount Beasts.


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