No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2172

Regardless, the Eleventh Elder was not at a loss and Jackie was the only one who would suffer.

Jackie glowered at the elder, though not as intensely, but his response was curt as he spoke, “You truly are amazing at calculating such matters, Elder Godfrey. Compared to you, my schemes seem to be nothing important.”

Elder Godfrey naturally understood Jackie’s hidden sarcasm. He put down the teacup in his hand and looked up at Jackie. “You don’t need to be so angry. We’re fated, and I have to thank you for rescuing me out of Mount Beasts. I owe you for your kindness, and I naturally won’t ignore you when you’re in trouble. It was indeed rash of me to suddenly announce this back then, but I won’t abandon you even if you’re unable to defeat any of those three disciples.”

The elder’s words might have seemed pleasant, but Jackie was not a three-year-old child. He chuckled and spoke softly, “You have to understand that I’ll face the danger of failing once I get onto the battle stage. You announced me as your last disciple previously, and they’ll naturally target me. If they attack me fatally, I may lose my hands or legs by then.”

Elder Godfrey said, “I know that you aren’t an ordinary person, and you won’t put yourself in such danger. If you truly feel that your strength is incomparable to them, you won’t join them on the battle platform. I know this clearly.”

Jackie snorted and did not respond. He only turned to one side and looked at the dense trees surrounding them.

Elder Godfrey was not displeased because of Jackie’s attitude. He ignored Jackie and continued speaking,” Right now, you are already my last disciple. To put things simply, we are on the same boat. Don’t let these grievances affect our relationship.”

Jackie’s mouth twitched as he itched to say something terrible. However, he also understood that what Elder Godfrey said was true, and the two of them were in the same boat. It was best for them to not speak so harshly and cause their relationship to be in a deadlock as he would also suffer because of that. He had no choice but to nod. “You’re right. However, you’ve refuted the First and Second Elder by doing this. Aren’t you afraid that the two of them will cause you trouble in the future? Even a newly recruited informal disciple who doesn’t care about the world also knows that the biggest issue in the sect right now is the battle for the position of sect master. No matter who will become the sect master in the future, it’ll be a battle between the First and Second Elder. It’s unwise of you to offend the two of them at once.”

Jackie did not purposely say this to disgust Elder Godfrey. Instead, he felt that Elder Godfrey had completely offended those two elders by doing what he did. Both the elders were not people that could be easily dealt with, especially the Second Elder. He was a gloomy, extremely shrewd person. Once he had his eyes fixated on a person, that person’s life would not be easy in the future.

Elder Godfrey chuckled and replied nonchalantly, “We have many days ahead, and even if the sect master wishes to abdicate his position, it’ll take him two to three years to do so. Who will know how the situation is in two or three years? On top of that, will they let go of me easily even if I didn’t offend them? The others might not know this, but you know what I went through before. I was framed by others, and I found out that those two elders made a pact together to lure me into Mount Beasts after I did my investigation.”

Jackie’s expression stiffened when he heard this. He had never imagined that this was the case. He naturally understood that Elder Godfrey was framed by others to appear at Mount Beasts at that time.


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