No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2171

Jackie’s room was on the west side hall. This used to be a storage space for miscellaneous items, but everything had been cleaned out and the space was nicely tidied.

After the runner disciple left, Jackie poured a pot of tea for Noel and Brook, who bade him goodbye after spending half a day talking to them.

With that, Jackie was the only one left in the west side hall after sending Brook and Noel away. Jackie sighed helplessly as he stood alone in the empty side hall. He thought that Elder Godfrey would ask him to come after he had arrived. Unexpectedly, he had been ignored.

After sitting in the side hall for another hour, he became utterly bored and could not reign his thoughts. He then opened the side hall’s door and walked out of the west side hall. Jackie had just stepped on the green stone path when he saw a man In formal elder clothing sitting in the gazebo. The man had his back facing Jackie and seemed to be enjoying his tea.

Jackie’s tension ebbed away when he saw that person’s back figure. He walked steadily toward the gazebo that was situated in the middle. The surrounding plants were incredibly lush, which would obstruct one’s view densely. He moved the leaves away as he slowly walked inside.

Elder Godfrey slowly looked up and glanced at Jackie who arrived in the gazebo.

Jackie’s expression seemed a little bitter. Although he had become Elder Godfrey’s last disciple, Jackie’s mood was still slightly terrible. He sat down opposite Elder Godfrey impolitely before he took another jade teacup from the table to pour himself a cup of tea. The delicate fragrance of the tea leaves assailed his nostrils. He had never drunk such tea, but he knew that this was a type of spirited tea that could clear one’s mind with its fragrance.

Elder Godrey’s mouth curled upward as a significant smile appeared on his face. He did not waste time on other irrelevant things as he said straightforwardly,” You can ask anything you wish to know, and I’ll tell you everything I know without reservation.“

Jackie scoffed lightly. He initially held respect for this formal elder, but what he did previously had stripped off all the respect Jackie had for him.

Jackie replied in a slightly low voice, “I feel that the Eleventh Elder should give me an explanation. You didn’t give me any hint before suddenly announcing me as your last disciple in front of everyone, causing everyone to target me. I had no idea that the Eleventh Elder was so confident in me and knew that I was capable of settling this dispute without seeing me in action.”

Elder Godfrey chuckled when he heard this. He did not get angry because of Jackie’s angry tone. The elder picked up his cup and took a sip. “I know that you’re not a commoner, and this can be considered my test to you. If you pass the challenge, it proves that you’re capable of becoming my last disciple. The news I’ve declared is true as my last disciple has to be excellent in every aspect.”

Jackie was furious when he heard this. This meant that Elder Godfrey only had a brief understanding about Jackie, and he did not consider things on his behalf when he decided to do so. If Jackie was capable of suppressing the matter, it meant that Jackie was qualified to be his last disciple. If Jackie failed, he would follow the First and Second Elders’ opinion and choose a last disciple among those three disciples.


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