No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2170

Noel slowly turned around to look at Griffin carefully while walking forward, and only when he saw Griffin turning at a corner and leaving did he call out to Jackie, “Wait for me!”

Jackie stopped walking and turned to look at Noel, who looked visibly pale and with trembling fingers. Jackie chuckled and knew this was the first time Noel faced the chosen disciples. It was normal for him to be afraid under the coercion of a chosen disciple’s aura.

Noel inhaled deeply. “You truly are courageous, and I genuinely admire you. I don’t think I’d be that brave to stand up against him if I were you!”

Jackie nodded wordlessly.

Brook raised his chin and said confidently, “Senior Brother Jackie is different from you. He’s a disciple elder and has the support of the Eleventh Elder. What does it matter if that guy is a chosen disciple? Apart from that, he’s obviously causing trouble. Even though we have no idea what the spot to enter the Secret Place for Resources is, it’s definitely something good as even Griffin is fighting for it. If so, it’s only natural that we can’t simply yield this to others!

Noel glanced at Brook speechlessly. “You don’t have to remind us of this. I know that Jackie is different from how he used to be, but chosen disciples are still chosen disciples. You won’t have a nice life if he plans to pick on you. I’m just thinking that we should reduce the number of enemies we have in the future.”

Jackie nodded as he understood that Noel was considerate toward him, but he did not agree to what Noel said. He turned around and looked at Noel with a serious expression on his face.

Jackie’s clothes fluttered as the breeze blew at his clothes. However, Jackie stood straight as if the strong wind could not bend his spine. “I understand what you mean, but you have to think about it carefully. Even if I yield this time, he’ll still force me again if something similar occurs again in the future. Should I yield to him every single time? If so, why should I become a martial artist? I won’t be able to improve if I lose so many great chances.”

He paused here and exhaled softly before he continued, “I’ve always been somebody with my own principles. I won’t offend anybody if they did nothing to me, but I’ll double the reprisal if they dare offend me. If they’ve already come picking on me, I’d rather die than be a coward and yield my opportunity.”

Noel’s expression darkened upon hearing this. He mocked himself by chuckling softly and stretched out his hand to tap Jackie on the shoulder. “You’re right. If a martial artist wishes to go against nature, they have to be equipped with the mentality you have to achieve the peak of martial arts. However, I’m different from you, being the extremely careful person I am. I’m not as talented as you, so I don’t have the confidence and strength.”

Jackie did not say anything and only looked at Noel in silence.

Noel chuckled and pointed at the Mysterious Green Hall in front of them as he changed the topic of the conversation. “Let’s go inside so that we both can learn something new!”

The Mysterious Green Hall was a huge palace, and if it was reduced in size, it could be seen as a house with one main entrance. There were two side halls beside the main hall, and there was a small garden with green plants planted in front of the main hall. There was a gazebo in the middle of the garden. As trees covered most of the gazebo, Jackie could only see the outline of the gazebo.

The runner disciples invited all three of them to the side hall the moment they entered the hall.

The runner disciple did not make any self-introduction. He only introduced all the facilities in the side hall and Jackie’s future accommodation to them.


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