No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2169

Griffin’s expression faltered and darkened, utterly embarrassed for not overpowering Jackie. However, he felt that Jackie might say something worse if he wasted time here. He knew that this was the only road to the Mysterious Green Hall, and if anything happened here, members of the Mysterious Green Hall would definitely support Jackie, while he might be in trouble due to this.

Griffin suppressed his anger after deliberating the situation. “I’m not here today to question you. Instead, I hope that you’ll be smart enough to give up he spot to visit the Secret Place for Resources. You’re just in the intermediate stage of innate level, and you’ll be in danger if you visit that place. It’ll be better if you stay in the sect and focus on your training. You can visit the secret places in the future when another opportunity comes along.”

While it might have looked as though he was advising Jackie, Jackie was no fool and knew Griffin would not be so considerate toward him. It turned out that the reason Griffin came looking for him was because of the Secret Place for Resources. However, Jackie had never heard anything about himself gaining a spot to the Secret Place for Resources.

Elder Godfrey’s figure flashed through his head when he thought of this. It looked like the spot had something to do with Elder Godfrey. Elder Godfrey might have even strived for this spot for him. If that was the case, he definitely could not yield the spot to Griffin.

That man spoke so impolitely and mocked him in such an enigmatic manner. On top of that, Griffin even wanted to suppress him with his momentum. If he honored such a person, he would really be ashamed of himself.

Jackie chuckled. “I still don’t know what this spot to enter the Secret Place for Resources is, but it doesn’t matter if I know about it or not. Since I have a spot for that, I won’t give it up. You’re right that I’m only in the intermediate stage of the innate level, but carrying challenges ahead of my level is nothing to me.”

Griffin’s expression darkened and he once again looked at Jackie fiercely, but Jackie ignored how Griffin looked at him.

Jackie’s expression remained neutral as Griffin sized him up with a sharp look in his eyes. Griffin scoffed indignantly coldly and flicked his sleeve furiously. “You truly are an utterly arrogant person. I’ve already given your respect, and you blatantly refuse it. In that case, pinpointing you in the future!

Jackie tilted his head to one side as a sarcastic smile appeared on his face. “Don’t you find your own words funny? What do you mean, respecting me? You were the one who came up with such pompous excuses when you’re actually pushing me for such minor benefits. Why should I listen to you? If you wish to pinpoint me, feel free to do so. After all, I don’t mind adding you to my enemy list!”

Jackie then took a detour from Griffin, who stood before him, and strode toward the direction of the Mysterious Green Hall. Noel and Brook dared not look up as they ran after Jackie, heading toward the same direction.

Griffin flushed a crimson color out of anger as he tightened his fists and glared at Jackie’s figure hatefully. He looked like his anger could only be resolved if he could pounce and bite Jackie.

He inhaled deeply and hissed through gritted teeth,” You’re too pompous, young man! Don’t think that you’re free to do as you like just because you have the support of the Eleventh Elder. Just wait and see! I’ll make you kneel and make you take back what you said in tears, sooner or later!”

With that, Griffin immediately turned around and walked in the opposite direction of where Jackie was headed to while Noel and Brook followed after Jackie. The two of them had to walk in large strides to catch up with Jackie as he was walking speedily.


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