No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2168

Griffin’s words and him waiting for Jackie at this location had confused Jackie greatly. Although Griffin was a chosen disciple and every disciple would automatically feel inferior to them as they were the future hope of the entire sect, the chosen disciples did not have such treatment when it came to Jackie.

Before Jackie could understand the meaning behind Griffin’s words and tone, Griffin was already so arrogant toward him. Jackie, unable to tolerate such behavior and not wanting to dilly nor dally, chuckled softly and said in a slightly cold manner, “I really don’t understand what you mean, Senior Brother Griffin. I don’t know anything about this spot you’re talking about.”

Griffin raised his eyebrows, obviously not believing In what Jackie said. Griffin scoffed indignantly and looked at Jackie as if he had chosen the hard way to deal with things. “You really think I don’t dare do anything to you? Although you’re already the Eleventh Elder’s last disciple, you’re just an elder disciple, but you’re nothing to us chosen disciples. Oliver Sayer is definitely a top disciple among the formal disciples, but he’s just a newbie in my opinion. I can easily achieve what you were able to do. Don’t think that you can show off in front of me just because you’ve got some little achievements.”

Noel and Brook had slightly darkened expressions on their faces. Although Griffin’s questions were not aimed at them, the look in his eyes was undeniably cold when he occasionally glanced at them. The two of them proactively took a step back.

Jackie smiled coldly and said in a baffled manner, “I don’t know if there’s something wrong with your eyes or your mind. When was I arrogant and showed off in front of you? This is the first time I’ve met you, and I’ve never heard of you before today.”

Griffin was, to Jackie, a hilarious character.

Griffin’s face flushed a purple color when he heard what Jackie said. As a chosen disciple, he had never expected for Jackie to have replied with such a sharp tongue. Since he became a chosen disciple, all regular disciples were extremely respectful when they interacted with him. None of them dare act like what Jackie did as he dared mock Griffin’s intelligence.

Griffin’s fingers slightly trembled as he spoke, ” Amazing! I’ve heard about how unruly you are, and now, I’ve finally experienced it myself. I originally planned to forgive you if you’re sensible enough. However, it looks like… You’ll be stepping all over us chosen disciples if I don’t teach you a lesson!”

Jackie closed his eyes, utterly bewildered. He abhorred those who, as being in a higher position, spoke to him in such an interrogative manner. They always treated him with such a condescending attitude, and they would feel insulted once he said something they disliked. As a result, they would go against him.

Jackie exhaled deeply, not wanting to waste a single second of his time. “What do you actually want?”

Griffin raised his eyebrows and took a step forward. His aura slowly increased as he wanted to suppress Jackie with his aura. However, Jackie was not made out of paper. Although Griffin had completely released his momentum, Jackie stood his ground, expression stoic as ever as though he was undaunted by Griffin.

“I think it’s best if you cease such useless actions. Just say what’s on your mind, not beating around the bush. I don’t understand anything you said previously,” remarked Jackie coldly.


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