No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2167

They talked as they walked, meeting many other disciples along the way as they did.

The battle at the gathering spot made Jackie relatively well-known, and a lot of people viewed him in a different light from then on. Most of them looked at him with admiration, but some envied Jackie immensely. Despite this, Jackie’s expression remained stoic and unperturbed, no matter what the people’s opinions were of him.

The closer they were to the east side, the fewer the disciples they ran into. After all, the people active in the east side were mostly the management members with high positions, or even elder disciples. Jackie and the rest did not know their way as this was their first time here. They struggled to find their way here and had to ask for directions from several disciples.

The only road to the Mysterious Green Hall was one turn away. They quieted down a little as they got closer as their surroundings were utterly quiet. Apart from the sound of the wind blowing past the bamboo trees, the only thing that could be heard were their voices. At this moment, Noel suddenly frowned as he lowered his voice and said, “Who’s that guy up ahead? Why is he looking at us like that?”

Jackie followed his voice and looked over. A man was standing behind a clumper of bamboo, and he seemed to be doing that on purpose so that they could not see him clearly. However, all three of them could see the hostility in his eyes. Jackie frowned as this was the only route to the Mysterious Green Hall.

Was this a member of the Mysterious Green Hall?

Jackie continued walking, even though doubts riddled his heart. Jackie could only see the person a little better as they approached. This person was quite good-looking, and Jackie was surprised when he saw that the person was wearing clothes that indicated he was a chosen disciple. There was an obvious division between the sect’s disciples. The disciples had different clothes according to their ranking of being informal disciples, elder disciples, and chosen disciples.

This person had three begonias sewn on his waist, and he was obviously a chosen disciple as well.

All three of them raised their guards mentally upon seeing him.

Brook had the lowest position, so he decided to hide behind the two others. Only his eyes were seen peeking out behind them as he looked at the chosen disciple in fear.

Griffin Olsen looked at Jackie coldly. “Why are you looking at me so alertly? I won’t do anything to you right now.”

What he said sounded like he wanted Jackie to be at ease, yet it was a complete power show. Jackie frowned; this person did not come bearing good intentions. He had no idea who this person was as he had only joined the Dual Sovereign Pavilion recently. He could not have offended a chosen disciple, either.

Jackie could only gesture politely with his hands out of his mannerism. “May I know who you are?”

Griffin raised his eyebrows. “I’m a chosen disciple, Griffin Olsen. Remember this name; you’ll be hearing it often in the future.”

Jackie frowned at Griffin’s intonation. He was even more concerned about why Griffin was purposely blocking his way here to meet him.

Griffin stared at Jackie coldly. He seemed to have read Jackie’s thoughts as he sneered and said, “I had to meet you. You so effortlessly won a spot while my brother lost his.”

Jackie was puzzled when he heard this. He had no idea who Griffin was, let alone his brother. As for the spot Griffin mentioned, could it be the spot as the last disciple? However, Jackie’s guts told him that what Griffin meant was not the recently obtained spot as the last disciple.


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