No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2166

The First Elder scoffed indignantly and spoke, obviously flustered, “Don’t you worry. As the First Elder, I’ll keep my promise and send the sect contribution points to you later!”

He then flicked his sleeve and turned around to leave. He might feel that his presence had no other meaning apart from embarrassing himself. Since the First Elder had left, the other elders did not need to stay, too.

Jackie’s room still looked the same. It was a standard single-bed room with a wardrobe, a table, a chair, and a shelf. After he returned from the noisy gathering spot, Jackie had been tidying his belongings. In fact, he did not leave many things in this house. Apart from his bedding, there were only several ancient books that he borrowed.

Brook and Noel had also followed Jackie to his room, they had been talking throughout their journey. Their conversation did not stop after they entered the house and sat by the table.

The excitement on Noel’s face was overflowing. “You have no idea what those people thought of you when you walked out from the crowd. Some were jealous, some hated you, and some admired you, surely. Anyway, you have the respect of them all. You defeated one of the top ten formal disciples as a newly recruited informal disciple. I don’t think there are many people in the sect with such a record!”

Brook nodded vehemently, and he was much more excited than Noel. After all, he was just a runner disciple, and it was his great honor to be acquainted with Jackie, who would definitely become a chosen disciple in the future. “Elder Sayer looked at you like he’d eat you. When you ask the First Elder to remember the three hundred sect contribution points he promised, Elder Sayer glowered so badly. Not only have you defeated Oliver, but he has to give you seven hundred contribution points obediently. This time, he has suffered a terrible loss!”

Brook could not stop smiling when he thought of this. When Jackie mentioned that he was going to have a fight with Oliver, no one around Jackie thought of him highly. Everybody belittled Jackie terribly, wanting to trample all over him. However, their view of him changed so quickly, faster than skimming through books, and soon changed the direction of their conversation. They started to mock Oliver and said that he was outwardly strong but inwardly weak.

Noel poured himself a cup of tea. “This time, no one in the sect dares question you. Those who looked down at you dare not say anything right now. I’ve never expected you to be so strong that even Oliver can’t contend against you. No wonder you could survive the dangerous Mount Beasts.”

Brook could not stop running his mouth when it came to matters regarding Jackie’s strength. He inhaled deeply and said, “How can you be so strong? What martial skill are you practicing? How did you still manage to crush Oliver when you’re challenging him from a lower level? The question of what martial skill you’re training is in everyone’s minds right now. Some people are even guessing that you’re practicing an Earth level martial skill!”

Brook and Noel’s expression changed when they heard the words, ‘Earth level martial skill’. The two of them were so excited that they forgot the most crucial point. However, Jackie obviously had no plans of telling them about this. He only chuckled and packed everything. He pointed toward the outside of the door. “Elder Godfrey sent somebody to inform me that I’ll head directly to the Mysterious Green Hall after I pack my things.”

In the Dual Sovereign Pavilion, every formal elder owned their personal hall, and the one belonging to Elder Godfrey was known as the Mysterious Green Hall. Noel and Brook were not insensible, and they stopped asking when they noticed Jackie not wanting to continue with the topic.

Brook mentioned that he wanted to send Jackie to the Mysterious Green Hall, and Jackie agreed to it. The three of them left the individual house and walked towards the Mysterious Green Hall.

The Mysterious Green Hall was located at the east side of the Dual Sovereign Pavilion where disciples did not dare venture to, apart from the elder disciples. Jackie had already become Elder Godfrey’s last disciple and was naturally a member of the elder disciples. Hence, his living quarters had changed from the secluded room to the Mysterious Green Hall.

Noel and Brook had never visited where the formal elders stayed. The two of them wanted to accompany Jackie there with hopes of getting a peak. The informal disciples stayed at the west side of the entire sect, and they had to walk across the entire sect to reach the Mysterious Green Hall.


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