No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2165

What Jackie said immediately caused his surroundings to quiet down. Jackie’s words were sharp and devastating. However, that was exactly what Elder Sayer meant. He only allowed Oliver to attack Jackie but forbade Jackie to do the same!

All the disciples standing there looked at Elder Sayer angrily. Elder Sayer humphed softly and understood that he had been caught in the trap by Jackie. If he continued the conversation, it would hurt his prestige. He might even lose his position as an elder because of this. He humphed coldly and said, “B*stard, don’t you quote what I said out of context. That is not what I meant.”

“If so, what do you mean? Why are you questioning me so angrily for what I did? I didn’t break any rules and I didn’t kill Oliver. I also did not cause him to be disabled for life. Since I didn’t break any rules, why are you questioning me?”

What Jackie said successfully choked Elder Sayer and he felt like he had swallowed a huge piece of stone. The stone was stuck at his throat and he was unable to swallow or spit it out. As an elder of the sect, he was forced by Jackie to a point where he was speechless.

Jackie smiled coldly and said loudly, “I know what Elder Sayer means. If I’m the one who’s badly wounded and on the ground, you will be sitting on the round platform, looking at Oliver happily. However, you’ve rushed over to question me because Oliver is the one who’s on the ground right now. I can understand that you’re just protecting your family. However, you should treat every disciple the same as you’re an elder. I’ve never expected for you to be so biased!”

“You!” Elder Sayer was so angry that his eyes were almost popping out of his sockets.

“All of you, shut up! Elder Sayer, why are you wasting time speaking to him on the battle platform instead of helping Oliver to receive his treatment?!” The First Elder’s voice traveled far and exploded loudly by everyone’s ears.

At this moment, the First Elder was so exasperated that his entire body hurt. Oliver could be considered a disciple siding with him and Elder Sayer was an unwavering supporter of his. One of them was defeated by Jackie while the other ignored his position and started a fight with Jackie. The most embarrassing part was how Elder Sayer was suppressed by Jackie and was unable to win the argument. The First Elder was in an extremely embarrassing situation.

The corners of Elder Sayer’s mouth twitched and he knew that things would not end well for him and the First Elder might teach him a lesson if he insisted on fighting with Jackie. He exhaled deeply and forcefully suppressed his anger. He asked others to help Oliver down the battle platform and sent him away for treatment. Jackie also walked down from the battle platform slowly and steadily.

Everybody was looking at Jackie. They still remembered their feelings when they initially looked at Jackie walking up the battle platform. Right now, everything had changed and the strength that Jackie demonstrated was really shocking! Just as Jackie walked down the battle platform, he suddenly raised his head and looked toward the First Elder, who was on the round platform.

The First Elder had no idea why but he felt uncomfortable when he saw Jackie looking at him. He saw the corners of Jackie’s mouth curling upward and a standard smile appeared on Jackie’s face. “First Elder, please don’t forget about the bet between us. You can directly ask somebody to send the sect contribution points over or I can personally pick them up.”

All the audience was in an uproar once again when they heard what Jackie said. The First Elder’s face had already turned into a crimson color and he recalled at this moment about his personal promise to Jackie that he would top up 300 contribution points on top of Oliver’s wager of 700 contribution points if Jackie won.


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